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Can I clamp

Can I clamp

I’ve got quite a wide cock, and I like the idea of playing to my strengths. I quite like the idea of having a relatively short but really thick thing, so I think I’m going to concentrate on girth. I’ve done the newbie routine on and off for about a month and a half in total, but I’d like to just focus on girth. So, I want to use clamps, but I’m wondering if my cock is ready for it?

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Odd for a guy with 355 posts to ask this question. Do a search, you should know that you can answer your question by a search.

Well, I think the question is.. What justifies being “ready for clamps”


Most would agree that your cock is not ready for clamping from “a month and a half” of “the newbie routine off and on.” Try sticking to such a routine consistently for a few months, then adding in some manual girth exercises (squeezes, etc.), then consider clamping (if you ever do). You might also want to consider pumping, which is generally regarded as a safer girth exercise.

I second that PG.

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