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Can I call it a "bt milker"? or did somebody already name this exercise...

Can I call it a "bt milker"? or did somebody already name this exercise...

These past few weeks, I have been doing a jelq similar in theory to gprent’s girth blaster. With an overhand “ok sign” grip, I start my jelq bonepressed at the base with my right hand, work my way halfway up the shaft, start the stroke with my left hand bonepressed at the base while the right hand is still doing its stroke, restart my right hand stroke when my left hand is halfway up the shaft, and so on. Basically, I start a new stroke with either hand when the other hand is halfway done with its stroke.

I do 10 minutes of regular jelqs, then 10 minutes of these jelqs. My strokes are 3 secs long. As you may imagine, it is a very instense jelq. My post-workout flaccid looks absolutely humongous. Not so much lengthwise, but girthwise. I am trying to do a jelq that will cure my volcano shaped shaft. My goal is to make it more cylindrical. I think that this may help me meet my goal, and I’m willing to be a guinea pig. Unless there are already people doing this jelq??:D

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It sounds like pretty much a regular form of jelqing to me, I have been doing those for years and just thought of them as jelqing. It’s good that they are working for you :)

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Yeah, this is pretty much how I’ve always jelqed. The good news is that they work. :)

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