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Can Extreme Ulies Make The Shaft More Pliable For Stretching?

Can Extreme Ulies Make The Shaft More Pliable For Stretching?

Here’s a copy of something I recently was discussing with Bib. The Ulies I’m talking about are not the manual kind, but the Extreme ones using a Uli thing or a multi clamp. This could be something new unfolding or just complete nonsense, take from it what you can and apply what works for you.

I doubt that Exreme Ulies on their own will do anything for length, what I was wondering was since my penis seems to be more pliable since I began adding EU’s to my routine, that it would help somehow while stretching.

I think I see what you mean. I would think the key would be healing and the amount of time for the healing to occur.

When you stretch almost anything, applying a stress in a single direction, it usually weakens the bonds in other directions. ie, stretching a balloon a few times before blowing it up. However, the penis is different. It has the capacity to heal and become stronger, as any body part will do when placed under stress. So theoretically, the area that is expanded from extreme Ulis might be easier to stretch, for the period before healing occurs to the tissues.

This benefit should only be short term. In the long run, the increased strength of the lateral bonds should make it tougher to stress the longditudenal bonds. Also, the short term benefits would only affect the percentage of the shaft getting the stress. The rest of the tunica down to the PC would be unaffected.

When I work on my length, during a stretch my FSL is now a little longer than it’s been. I’ve been stuck for a while, now all of the sudden I can stretch further. The only thing I can think of to explain it is the “pliability” of my dick since doing Extreme Ulies. I dunno. Just a theory, you’re definitely the master on the subject, so you should know.

It is an interesting question and theory. It should not hurt your long term results too much to give it a go for a while.

Let me add one caveat. I believe for many guys, myself included, they would get benefit from adding size to the head and upper shaft early in their PE careers. Providing they are starting with a smaller head and upper shaft. This is because a larger head and upper shaft makes it easier to hang and/or stretch. Just a better anchor area. I did much of this solely through remaining wrapped after hanging, allowing the head and upper shaft to swell, and remain swollen for sometimes hours. This did give me more ‘meat’ in the area, and helped in my hanging endeavors.

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Prickle, I’ve been wondering that for some time now myself, but haven’t had the balls to actually test it as I don’t want anything to get in the way of my last length goals…

In one way I agree with Bib, as the tunica gets stronger, it could be more resistant to stretching. But if that’s the case, I suspect the easier to stretch length potential would only cease when maximum girth potential has been reached, otherwise over time extreme ulis wouldn’t add any further girth cause the tunica is too strong, right?

I don’t know. I wish someone did…

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All I know is my FSL just shot up a quarter inch and I’ve only been doing Extreme Ulies for a few days now.

Even if a thicker dick is harder to stretch, I’m still trying to build both dimensions simultatenously. People who started off way thicker than me have had no trouble gaining length with that larger starting girth, so I’m not worried. I think if anything is going to make you more resistant to growth in the long run, it’s jelqing.

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(Uhhh, is it possible to clean up all these philosophy threads and start talking about the HOW of PE, and not the WHY?)

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