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Can exclusive girth work decrease length?

Can exclusive girth work decrease length?

How about it guys? What if you focused on nothing but erect jelqs, squeezes, and Uli’s etc. for a few months. Is there a chance that any increases in girth my come at the expense of length?

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No, you might get even get more length through increased head size.

Girth gains will make future length gains from tunica stretching more difficult, however.


Also, many girth exercises actually place stress on the penis in such ways that could bring about minor length gains as well.

Originally posted by SS4Jelq
Girth gains will make future length gains from tunica stretching more difficult, however.

Is this really true?

If so, got any reasons/examples that can support such a claim?

The tunica is a tough fibrous bastard that is difficult to stretch. Making it bigger and stronger by increasing girth makes it harder to stretch out, requiring more force to do so.

Think of two sections of rubber hose. One thinner than the other. The thinner one is easier to stretch, as there is less mass there. The bigger one is harder for the opposite reason.

This is why I am working length only currently. Once it is obtained, I’ll focus on girth…

Besides, this is what Bib did :)

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Getting a larger girth, may make your penis APPEAR shorter though….

As if it’s bad enough I am disorganized, have a low LOT, and have trouble staying dedicated/on track with my PEing……NOW I have to add my .5 inches of girth that I gained to my list of setbacks too.

Great…just great…. :rolleyes:

Couldn’t you try to obtain both dimensions simultaneously? And have it all grow as a whole?

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Originally posted by Prickle
Couldn't you try to obtain both dimensions simultaneously? And have it all grow as a whole?

Sure, by doing stretch exercises while doing girth exercises too like jelquing

Starting at : (19/05/03) BPEL : 6.75 EG : 5.5 Now : BPEL : 7.125 EG : 5.5

Now I see why you said focus on length only first, SS4. I’ll have to quit this girth stuff for now :)



Don’t drive yourself crazy trying to differentiate exactly how to isolate length gains from girth gains! In my 3 years of PE’ing, I’ve basically used all techniques (except hanging) in various combinations and made gains of over 2 inches in both length and girth. Find what you’re comfortable with and stick to a program of consistency.

Just do it and let the gains come! Length or girth, it’s all good!



Yeah I get what you mean, but all I am saying is what is the point of making it harder for yourself further down the line? Especially for hardgainers such as myself, but really for everyone, it is important to make PE as easy as possible.

The exception is with lig stretching, if you have a high LOT and are not planning on gaining high amounts of length, it makes sense to do girth exercises right from the beginning.



I understand your point, especially for those who have a particular desire to concentrate on length gains. In my personal experiences, my first goal was length but then both length and girth gains evolved sort of in a 1:1 proportion. Presently, I find it much easier to gain girth and much more difficult to establish new length gains. I guess I could be a walking illustration of the theory that length gains and stretching the tunica become more difficult, once you’ve gotten thicker.

Presently, I find myself dealing with a low LOT, which could mean I’ve maxed out on my lig gains and must refocus on tunica stretches. I’m in my experimental tunica stretching mode, trying out some new variations. Hopefully, I’ll get some quick results and be able to report back to all of you.


Doesn’t matter for me.

Wish I could turn 2” of length into 2” girth, I would be almost totally happy then :D

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