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Can bends work semi-erect?

Can bends work semi-erect?

I’ve read several posts about erect bends and how they are great for girth gains, however I ‘m a bit leary about doing them. I did however experiment with semi-erect bends (roughly 50% erect). I was much more comfortable doing them this way and I did notice some degree of ‘fullness’ in the mid-shaft area.

Can this work over the long term, or does one need to have an erect penis for this exercise to be effective? Has anyone else tried semi-erect bends?

I’d love to hear some responses from the more experienced PE’ers.



I have been doing bending at 50% last few weeks, but kegeling chambers full (squeeze) and then closing with OK-sign at base. After that I bend for about 30-40 seconds. Squeeze bends! Whoa, that’s a new term, isn’t it?

Are you doing it in this way, or just keeping it at 50% without squeezing?

Anyways, I feel that way I get a very good workout, and my shaft is much thicker for a longer time after workout than ever before. I can’t say yet if I’ve gained girth, since I haven’t measured after I started doing these, but I have to say that it looks promising. :)

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Johan and Acer,

That’s how I do them, and the pressure is sometimes even a little more that I’m comfortable with—the thing turns scarlet-red and bulges like nothing I’ve ever experienced with any other exercise.

Erect bends scare me even worse, but maybe they shouldn’t.

I’m hoping for some real gains from these(squeeze-bends?)—it looks promising to me, also.

I haven’t been doing them long.

Anybody out there have measurable gains from doing these??


I do just about the same thing you do. To me, it’s very similar to the Horse exercise. You kegle, squeeze and the base, but in this case, you do a bend. The amount of blood flow from this particular exercise at 50% erect is plenty. I think it might prove to be quite effective. I figure if you can pump up your shaft enough to where you can tell a difference, then it shouldn’t be any different than the other routines out there. I’m definitely gonna continue with this routine. I think it’s a safe way to work your way up to erect bends, or simply maintain the same work effort.

Good to know there are others out there on the same wavelength.

Thanks to both Johan and Dad2Four for the replies.


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