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Can anyone answer my Tunica questions?

Can anyone answer my Tunica questions?

Hi everyone,

I have a low LOT (straight down at 6 o’clock) anyways I’ve been told to stretch my tunica cause doing lig stretching won’t do much for me considering what my LOT is…I was wondering what does tunica stetching do, does it benefit both length and girth or just length, mainly I’m concerned with erect gains so I’m trying to do the routines that will benefit that. Currently I’m 7.1” length and 5.6” in girth BPEL, I’m pushing for 8x6, actually maybe 8x6.5, if any of you’s have any feedback or advice please let me know, thanks.

From what I have gathered, your tunica stretching would be the stretch sensation you get near your scrotum. You feel a tug from your penis- above your balls/behind them. My LOT is 10-11 o clock and hasn’t changed in a year, so basically I’m trying to say- try different stretches and see what works for you.

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Tunica stretching is just that- stretching. If you stretch your dick by pulling it away from your body (be it up, down, out or whatever), then you will be stretching it along its length an so have an emphasis on length.

If you would like to target girth, then you would need to stretch your dick “across”. How on earth do you stretch your dick “across” I can hear you ask? Easy, by “ballooning” it beyond its normal erect size. This is why squeezes target girth.

Some exercise (eg jelqing) can actually effect either length or girth depending on how they are done (eg semi erect or almost totally erect).

I am personally still concentrating on length only (still got and inch and a half to get to 8) and when I get closer to my goal, I will switch to a girth only routine.

As your not too far from you goal, them perhaps the best routine for you may be to target which dimension it is you find harder to gain. That is, if you find it easier to gain length, then go for a girth routine and vice versa.
Hope this helps.

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