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Can a Sad-sak Slinky reveal how much inner penis has been pulled out

Can a Sad-sak Slinky reveal how much inner penis has been pulled out

When I started hanging, it was all SD. I noticed that my wife could lean back while in the on-top position without my feeling that my dick was going to break, as I would have felt in the past. Later on, when I gained some length, I was doing Sad-sak slinkies and noticed that when I rolled the bend down to within an inch of the base, I came to a noticeable weak place, not a break, but a place where the shaft almost wanted to bend like a hinge. I suspect that this was the old place where the fundiform ligament loop provided a fulcrum point while I was hanging SD. If not, what else would it be? Have I pulled out that much inner penis, and therefore that is where my gain came from?

Interesting, I have a weak spot in about the same place. I put in a hell of a lot of hours in SD also, this area also will pop on demand with an erection by pushing down on it. They seem more like “cracks” than pops. I never worried much about it, but find your thoughts interesting.

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