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Camco Multi-clamp at Walmart


What the Multi-Clamp is being used for is an exercise known as the Extreme Uli. It is a girth enhancing technique that was developed by Bib utilizing and modifying an earlier idea developed by a guy named Uli (if any of that history is wrong, people feel free to correct).

The Extreme Uli is a rather passive technique that relies on the control of internal pressure and blood flow to stretch the tunica. Over a period of time and with a consistent routine the tunica is permanently stretched laterally or “wider” - in essence, you develop a thicker unit.

Bib developed a device known as Bib’s Uli Thing that can be used to execute Extreme Uli’s. The Camco Multi Clamp is something Ike discovered and is probably the best over-the-counter tool available to simulate what Bib’s Uli Thing is capable of.

To answer your question, the CableClamp is a valuable tool for working girth but is limited for use in Extreme Uli’s.

For a clear explanation of Extreme Ulis, what they are, and how they are done, do a search. A thread entitled “Bib’s History” goes into it, as do a few others floating about.

Also, it gets tiring to hear but X-Uli’s are not to be attempted until you have thoroughly conditioned your unit for the kind of intensity they offer.



“Stevie's Subtle ShaftSkin Stretch” Nice! but I’m afraid I’d have to give you all the credit.

Since early on in my hanging career I have been weary of base skin stretch. I saw some pics of a long-time hanger and his base skin crept damn near half way down his shaft, both flaccid and erect. He claimed 7.5”+ bone pressed, but couldn’t have been more than 5” non-bone pressed. I’m really vain about the aesthetic appearance of my dick and that just wouldn’t do. I read a lot and decided the best way to avoid excessive skin stretch is hanging more sets at lower weight. I had the time so it suited me just fine.

Now, almost an inch and half later I’m starting to see some base skin stretch. My internal dick has simply run out of room to grow and has started to borrow some extra skin from my fat pad. Neither me nor my fat pad are very happy about it. I’ve actually scaled back my normal hanging routine to just one or two sets a day while considering what to do next. So to hear about this method of yours has got me really excited, I see great potential in it. I’m going to pick up a multi-clamp this weekend and start trying a few different techniques to stretch my shaft skin next week.

Thank you once again for your ingenuity Cappy. :up:

Finneas J. Whoopee you are the greatest!

Just wanted to mention, I love the efficient ingenuity of this.

Couldn’t the camco clamp be used as the “hanger on” mechanism as well, if you wrap your penis with some kind of cloth, then tighten it just the point where it will stay on when pulled with weights?


Go into the hangers forum and look for a thread at the very top on homemade hangers - any of these devices will help you to understand why lateral compression is so important when hanging weight (another genius Bib concept).
If one were to use this clamp as you describe they would be using what is known as the dreaded loop contraption - an idea that is very dangerous. Don’t use this clamp for hanging or manual stretching.

Another thing we share is our aesthetic snobbery when it comes to our units. I hate “hair creep” and I’m very happy with my uncut look so I have always been conscious of how much skin I am getting and where it is coming from. I have meticulously worked on where and how I attach my wrap/hanger in order to control skin-stretch. To date I am relatively happy with how things have turned out. Despite the extra shaft skin I noted (which I like because of the hog-flaccid look) I have not suffered the cone shape you mentioned. I know some guys really like that - but I prefer a clear perpendicular angle where the shaft meets the pad.

So, maybe there is something to this. I hope there is - but I simply cannot take credit for this “reverse skin-stretch” idea, it is entirely yours (a really good one too, the more I think of it).

BTW- When you get your clamp remember that you should try attaching it with the top/open end at any number of angles. You’ll see in the pics that the Multi has a knob that moves in a threaded manner along the loop - tightening and loosening. This knob can get in the way, especially if you are trying this bone pressed Uli.
I have found that I get the most comfortable bone pressed session then this knob is placed on or near the underside of my shaft. The scrotum has plenty of give and will allow you to move the clamp in toward the pubic bone with no interference from the knob. If the clamp is attached with the knob on top side of your shaft it will most likely get in the way.

Cool, I’m going to experiment a lot with different attachment points, angles, tightness, amount of time, number of sets, and anything else I can think of to determine if this really will work. I’ll be sure to keep my regular meticulous log of the process and let you guys know if/when I find a particular technique that works. Thanks again for everything Cap.


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