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Calling Dance


King, I am in now way qualified, but my guesstimate is it sounds an awful lot like a torn ligament. I would consult a urologist post haste if I were you…

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I love your story-telling skills, but I hope that you can end this with a happier ending. May you have a speedy recovery.


Thanks everyone for your support and concern. A little update for you all. Things are significantly less painful (I can shake it after peing now!) but the bruise is still looking pretty creepy. Wanna see?! Yeah, I thought not. But I don’t remember a single bruise that didn’t look creepy, that’s pretty much what they do. The important thing is that it seems to be getting smaller. But it doesn’t hurt anymore to have an erection it just hurts to use it - something the girlfriend is really upset about. I feel sorry for her since she’s going on 10 days with no nookie. Pretty hard for anyone to take, if you ask me.

I’m currently taking an ample supply of vitamin C, Glutamine, and Arginine. Ibuprofin has helped with the pain but I suspect that I could go without it tomorrow. The upside to this whole thing is that I have finally found a use for my bag of frozen Boca “meat” - left over from my 12 long hours of being vegetarian. They were very long hours.

So while I can’t say that things are good, things are certainly looking to be on the road to recovery. If I had insurance I would go to a doctor but for now I’m waiting until something makes a turn for the worse. I know that’s risky but in my current financial position it would take about two weeks of saving in order to seek medical help. This whole situation has made me really question if that is such a good position to be in.

Lady Ubu has asked me to stop with the PE for good. I think I will stop stretching but I’m not sure about jeqing or squeezing. I’m certainly not going to do anything behind her back though. Being naturally above average, I’m thinking that she might be on to something. But that’s easy to say when you have a big bruise on the base of your crotch. There is a part of me that half expects to find one nut and a stump whenever I take off my pants. Having an over-active imagination, I’m not sure if that fear is entirely due to my injury.

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Update here

"It's not the destination that matters. It's the change of scene. " - Brian Eno

Holy Shit!!!!!!!

owwy, ouch, oohh, ahhh, uhhhh, ARGHHH!!!

Hope IT gets better man, and doesnt leave any disfigurement, looks and sounds like you might have popped a lig.

keep er hangin low


what’s your damage exactly?? a torn ligament???

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