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Calling All Experts


Calling All Experts

So I have posted on here the last two months of gains (or lack there of). Recently I have been taking it easy, and the more I feel my dick when it is erect, the more I realize that it does indeed feel skinnier. According to measurements I went from 4.45” girth to 4.25” in the last two months. I have been trying to figure out why, but nothing really. Length has also decreased by about .20”. Yes, I have already said this to all of you, and some have criticized that I took poor first measurements. That may be the case, but now I am looking for help in simply gaining. I feel a decrease although for awhile it felt bigger, and even exercise is tougher. Here is the low down:

Penis feels skinnier and shorter. Erections aren’t that great … I find it hard to get turned on when I look at porn even after abstaining from masturbation for an entire week! When I had sex last weekend I couldn’t keep a hard on and I didn’t even have a condom on. It just went limp inside of her, kind of embarassing. Also, when I do my routine it is harder to jelq, my dick repels my grip and I have to squeeze SOO HARD. Also, on the Obends I no longer get expansion. It simply wont expand how it did and now it is smaller than my normal expansion. I’m thinking these are warning signs of something, but I don’t know what. Below is my EXACT routine as of today … I haven’t found a rhythmn because NOTHING has worked for me (not even jelqs).

10 Minutes - Warm Up
10 Minutes - Manual Stretches: 8 Angles and Straight Out from Body
5 O-Bends - Top and Bottom Slinky Style
3 Horses - Hold them for 10 Seconds Each
50 Jelqs - Right Hand (Low Erection)
50 Jelqs - Left Hand (Low Erection)
5 O-Bends - Top and Bottom Slinky Style
3 Horses - Hold them for 10 Seconds Each
50 Jelqs - Right Hand (Medium Erection)
50 Jelqs - Left Hand (Medium Erection)
10 Minutes - Warm Down

About an hour is spent on everything if I am enjoying it. After two weeks of this current routine I have noticed drastic decreases in size even though I am performing everything properly. Can anyone offer advice on how to find what is good for you or offer ways to help me gain? I’ve ask for help before, but nothing has worked and it’s frustrating to actually lose size (albeit temporarily). Trust me, if you saw my dick you would probably laugh me right off the forum.

Current >>>

Flaccid: 3.4”
Erect: 5.8”
Girth: 4.25”

Goal >>>

Flaccid: 4.5”
Length: 6.5 - 7.0”
Girth: 5.2 - 5.5”


Reduction in size is usually related to overtraining… try doing less, hopes.

How often do you do this routine? I’m glancing through looking for you’re schedule and you didn’t list it. Tell us your on off days.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

“…I have noticed drastic decreases in size even though I am performing everything properly”

Well, no offense but there is something you are not doing properly. My first idea for you is to just lay off all PE for perhaps a month or so to see if your sex drive and erections improve. If they do you can be fairly sure you have been over training. Other stuff that can affect you sex drive; for instance do you exercise, eat healthy and such? And what about kegels? A good kegel routine is essential to any PE program in my opinion.

“Trust me, if you saw my dick you would probably laugh me right off the forum.”

No. This is not the kind of forum were people point fingers and laugh. We are here to share ideas and help each other out.

Also, I get the feeling you might be obsessing a bit about your change in size and quality of erections. You mentioned that you went limp during sex for example. Could it be performance anxiety?

Anyways, as I said above back off PE and just chill for a while to see if things get better. And don’t worry so much.

March 2003 5.7" EBPL 5.0" EG

Currently 7.7" EBPL 5.1" EG

Goal 8.0" EBPL 6.0" EG

The flashing warning light comes on with your phrase: “I have to squeeze SOO HARD”

You are loosing ground, because you are overdoing PE and hurting yourself and the injuries cause shrinkage.

It is not uncommon to get into the mind set that more is better and harder is better, but that is NOT the case.

What works best is moderate levels of intensity that do not cause visible injury or any kind of pain or discomfort. If anything, a good routine actually feels good and is quite pleasant.

Another warning flag is going off with the way you list your jelqs as first right hand and then left. Jelqing works best when you alternate your hands with each stroke.

To get back on the right track, I think you should stop everything for at least a week to heal up, and then start again at newbie levels and definitely start controlling yourself and back off on the intensity levels and the length of your routine. Start back at only 10 minutes or so and work your way back to 20 minutes and stay there for at least a month. Maybe by then, you will begin to see that less is more in the PE world.

I know I am far from being an expert, but I wanted to contribute a tidbit. I cannot do girth exercises on consecutive days. If I do my condition declines rapidly. It may be that you are the same way. You may need a day of rest between girth exercises.


Yeah, same here. I´ve found that the less I do, the more I gain and the better I feel. I PE no more than 3 days a week (I know this sounds too little, but I´ve gained 1.3” in 2 months). If I train more often than that my erections are not rock hard and I feel my unit a little tired.

Maybe you need to rest more dude, how often are you PEing?

Schedule >>>

Sunday, Monday - On
Tuesday - Off
Wednsday, Thursday - On
Friday, Saturday - Off

When I said I have to squeeze so hard I meant that my dick won’t let me get a hold on it. I haven’t been sitting here or squeezing the hell out of my dick, trust me. I do alternate my jelqs, I’m just saying that 50 right and 50 left. I’m sorry if that was confusing … I was actually trying to make sure you knew I alternated, haha. I have always had a little anxiety when trying to perform, but I am in a loving relationship of almost a year, and I am not stressed out by sex at all. Actually, I am really comfortable with her.

So the concensus is that I am overtraining possibly? I don’t understand. I did the newbie routine for a month then added Obends for a week, then added horses in the last couple of weeks. I’ve followed the tutorials by the book (hand placement, pressure, etc). Anyone have advice on how to do stuff proper if you simply can’t by reading other people’s instructions? Do I need to stop for sure?

Not stop forever man, just take a break for a while. One week minimum as gprent suggested, then start over. One week of no PE isn’t all that much time considering that you might be doing PE for a couple of years in order to reach your goals.

March 2003 5.7" EBPL 5.0" EG

Currently 7.7" EBPL 5.1" EG

Goal 8.0" EBPL 6.0" EG

I don´t know, but by experience I can tell you it´s better to stick with the newbie routine while it works, and then little by little, add another exercises, but SLOWLY. At this time, after 2 months of PE, I am still following the newbie routine, just added a couple obends and V stretches to condition my penis to new stress.

Maybe you are not overtraining on your schedule, maybe it´s in the total PE time. ¿1 hour? At least for me, that would be try to kill my little friend. I do about 25 min, and that works perfect for me.

You could take a week off, and then start over, but doing less, and increasing your PE time as long as you feel comfortable.

When looking at the instruction videos I get the impression that the gentleman on the video does extremely hard squeezes. Also, the erection level seems to be higher than recommended. For instance, I would say the erection level in the wet jelqing video would be 80-90% if it was my dick. Don’t take this as a complaint, the videos are extremely helpful, but I think it could be commented and discussed more. Perhaps this can be misleading to newbies, making us use far too much force.

Your not doing PC flexes, you can’t expect to gain without those!

Originally Posted by hopesfall
I have always had a little anxiety when trying to perform

And you’re name is Hope’s fall. I think it’s mental. Since I’ve been doing PE my erections have got allot better. Only if I over train and try to have sex right after an intense session do I ever have any problems. And for me that means when the wife leaves to go to the bathroom, it goes down a little before she gets back.

I don’t think your over the mental thing. I imagine your mind is wondering and then starts focusing on not performing. Then you get anxiety then your soft? I don’t really know , I can get a hard on anywhere, and I can have sex anywhere. So I’m just guessing what you might be thinking. It’s along those lines, I know if I’m about to blow and the wife isn’t ready I just think of other things. And before I know it I can go for another 10 minutes.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

I dunno … it’s not so much the performance that worries me. I mean, I can last about 10-15 minutes if I just wanted to get it over with. If I really want to last I can go for about 30-60 with slowing down (edging sorta). So I am not too concerned. Going soft isn’t from anxiety, I’m 100% positive. Sometimes I can’t get an erection even when I am getting great head. It just goes away … It really makes my girlfriend think she is doing something wrong, but again that isn’t my main problem. Right now it’s the actual PE’ing that is giving me trouble. I feel my dick and it feels like a 12 year olds. I mean, the dick in the video is easily 5x my size, probably more. I’d like to have that hanging between my legs, but I don’t. I need guidance on beefing up my dick in order to beef up my confidence, and beef up my overall self esteem. I will admit, I am doing this because I feel less of a man with the dick I have right now. Do I have any other worries in life? Aside from my relationship, not really. It’s sad to think a 6x4.25 dick can cause you such tremendous insecurity and even depression, but it’s only natural seeing as how a dick is worshipped in our society. Are there women out there who want a 6x4.25, maybe so. But they are few and far between as far as I have seen. I need help with figuring out to find out what is right for me.

Thank you all for the advice, sorry if I came across as a dick above. It’s frustration … it is the frustration that most of us have felt somewhere in our lives.

PS: my name is from a band, it isn’t a reflection of my personality.

Also, is anyone opposed to me taking a weak off, but still doing kegels and manual stretches? Or would that not let me “heal up”?

Help, anyone anyone?

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