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call me longshot again!


call me longshot again!

I’m not sure if it’s the constant wearing of the BallZinger or the kegeling during intense stretching, but last night I was a little horny, wife wasn’t home and decided to do manual duties…well, laying on my back, I shot 2 loads over my head for the first time in years….suprised the hell out of me. Almost hit myslef in the face, but they went over my head…the first thing I though of was “fore!” (the golf term)…

I have not shot loads with that velocity and pressure in years…can’t wait to show off for the wife this weekend.



It’s most likely the zinger I’m pretty sure that’s the one thing that it does, I might have to make one now.
So you gave yourself a facial :D

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I second that motion Dino. Man that’s great.

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I shot over my head twice and once on the shoulder beside my chin…really freaked me out…I normally shoot about a foot…this was most unexpected.


Do you have a fetish for jizzing on yourself?

Does the zinger really work for sperm production? I would LOVE to shoot large loads.. My loads are small (and cute), but for a primate my size I should be busting nuts that turn heads..


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I jizzed on my face in a blow job related incident. I was not best pleased.

Enough said really.

HJ- was it the zinger or the PE? if you are seeing good gains you could still be shooting the same distance but with you unit that much closer to your face you gotta be careful :)

I was planning on a shopping spree tomorrow to get the supplies to make a zinger and a CCH3 now I defenitely will.


Not sure…I definetely notice my balls are much fuller and heavier feeling after wearing it a while. Sperm is produced by the testes and is such a small percentage of ejaculate, though, it has nothing to do with sperm production…

Originally Posted by Hughjorgan9
laying on my back, I shot 2 loads over my head for the first time in years….suprised the hell out of me. Almost hit myslef in the face, but they went over my head…

You were surprised that they went over your head…so you WERE aiming for your face!

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hee,hee,hee…in my younger days, yep, I would have been aiming for a self facial…but now, I’m normally lucky if I hit my chest…so a face, head or over the head shot is a surprise…it will be very interesting over the next few months if can continue to shoot for distance…

I don’t know….I’d always been a long-range blaster myself. But my trajectory lessened somewhat as I aged. But when I began doing PE at age 37, my distance-loads came back.

I have no experience with any scrotal hardware, but I know what kegels have done for my nutting. With that said, I’d cast my vote for the kegels being the culprit for your self-induced facial.

Wad, I agree…I do not think the ballzinger has any effect on the internal organs that produce ejaculate, or the muscles that shoot the load…but it does make me have a semi all day long and my balls feel fuller and bigger…


Is your ball zinger a cock ring around the whole package, or on balls only?

twig and berries…and it’s not tight enough to be considered a cock ring…it’s just snug enough to stay on…I hardly notice it at work…


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