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I am new to the forum and just starting PE. I have a question about caffeine usuage. I love my coffee but I heard it will slow your progress. Does anyone know anything about this subject. Like I said, I love my coffee but I would give it up if I had to. Thanks

Dunno. But I do know that a lot of coffee or caffinated beverages will sometimes inhibit good erections.



Another pleasure poison to be avoided in favor of improved sexual function is coffee, and, for that matter, anything that contains caffeine. Like nicotine, caffeine is a vasoconstrictor, impeding the corpus cavernosum's capacity to fill with blood (the event that causes erections… and the less restricted this function the better an erection).

Two weeks ago I went virtually cold turkey on coffee because I discovered that coffee/caffeine increases cortisol which can prevent your body from burning up stored fat. Now I sleep a lot better and have more and better erections (yea team!).


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NO coffee???? I’ll starve!!!!!


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