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Cable Clamps Capoot!

Cable Clamps Capoot!

Does anyone keep having problems with the cable clamps busting?

I used to get a really good pump with clamps and persisted for some time but eventually got fed up because the plastic clip on section keeps breaking under pressure. I used to get the clamp as close as possible so as to get the best pump and it used to work a treat until the clip would snap off.

Anyone had this and cured it? I tried it with less pressure to put less strain on the clamp but it doesn’t pump half as well.


You shouldn’t be busting the clamps so easily - sure they’re official CableClamps? Not some cheap eBay knockoff? Do you use a wrap? That might maintain the pump without stressing the clamp so much, something like a sliver of mousemat or something. I don’t wrap myself, but then I don’t clamp til breaking point..:p

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I’ve never busted one before. Maybe the red ones don’t break?

Either your wrap is too thick, or you are using an inferior clamp, or you’re gaining girth.

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I busted my first red clamp after a few months of using it exclusively. I’ve been using the orange one on and off with no problems so far.

wheresmyweenie - You’ve had this problem for a year now: Clamps keep busting!

Didn’t you check out the source peforeal gave in his post (last one in that thread)?

Have you talked to Monty?

Send me a PM if you still can’t get any.

Guys these clamps are easy to get now. Get CableClamps or CabelCuffs no other brand are as good, and go easy on them when you clamp down than last click. Only use as much wrap as it takes to keep your flesh out of the teeth, you don’t have to wrap as much as you do with a hanger, and buy alot of these things when you find them. Just assume you will break them eventually, I think of the as disposable. They’re cheap. The most expensive I’ve ever seen them is a little over $4.00 a pack of three. For US members any hardware store most likely has them by the extension cords, for overseas probably Monty of the CableClamp site are your best bet.

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Here’s a quickie on the same theme…

The clamps I have are not the Cable Clamp brand and I find they pop open easily if I do a strong kegel. Do the genuine ones hold any stronger? It’s quite a hassle to import them to the UK, but I think I will do if the clamps are significantly better.

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Yes the cable clamp brand is better. They do not open with a Strong kegel. I do it all the time.

They work well for me.

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