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cable clamp help...

cable clamp help...

I went to an Ace Hardware, Lowe’s, and WalMart- I couldn’t exactly find the cable clamps that I see on the forum. You know, the orange ones, they look like they’re plastic.

While we’re at it, I couldn’t find rubber gripper stuff by Waxman, I believe this was the soft touch brand. I’m trying to build a captn’ wench, since I don’t want to spring for a Bib and I need more force now than my vac extender can provide.

Can I just order those two things online? Any ideas?


You, sir, are the man. I’m googling cable clamps, plastic cable clamps, cable clamps brand cable clamps…nothing. Thank you!

Firegoat, is there a place to purchase Waxman’s grippers on the net? So close, yet so far.

I don’t know. When I built my wench (long ago), I improvised with what I could find at my local hardwear store. When Hook invented the wench, he had to try various options; I just continued the the route of experimentation. Decide what you need to achieve then try to find things that will do the job!

Good luck with building a great wench, and if you invent any new ideas, let us know!

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If you have a Home Depot, try there. They have an identical product called the “Cable Cuff”.

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