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Cable Clamp: gains?



About six months, semi regularly. A combination of wet jelq,pumping, and manual stretching. Have made decent gains, 1/2” length, 1/4” girth.

Originally Posted by Tsuga

I am just starting to consider adding clamping to my routine and have been trying it with just hand squeezing to get the sense of it. I have bought that orange cable clamp from Home Depot and would like to start in on it more seriously.

My question to you is this, how do you identify for yourself the line between enough clamping force and too much? Once you have kegeled in extra blood and clamped off should you need to kegel again or should the clamp hold your erection for the entire session? I hear mention that the right amount of clamping pressure is being able to add more blood in but not have it go out. How can you have more go in but not have it come back out? What are the signs during a session that you’ve clamped too hard?

Any explanation would be appreciated.

Since you only have six months under your belt (pardon the pun), I would take it easy with the clamp. It can cause injury if you are not very careful.

I would recommend you clamp for no more than ten minutes a session for the first month or so for your body/penis to get used to it. I would add it in to what you are doing now, since you already have some nice gains. Don’t change that.

As far as the pressure, just use enough to trap the blood, but you should never feel pain. Mild discomfort from the amount of pressure being exerted into the penis, but it should not hurt. The head should be fully expanded and have bumps from the pressure.

As far as the not having the blood come out, but kegels should pump more blood into it, let me explain it to you like this. I have clamped mine so hard, and put so much pressure doing bending, I have broken several clamps. The piece that clicks the teeth breaks off. And yet with that much extreme pressure from the clamp, I am still able to kegel more blood in. I can kegel and get the bumps to show more pronounced on the head. Yet it stays at maximum pressure and hardness, even after I stop manual stimulation and get in the shower to do a nice warm massage. I feel I am able to do this because I have been PEing for many, many years and know my body and what it is telling me. Even with all that pressure, I have never felt pain. Once or twice while bending, I bent it until it started to hurt, then I backed off where there was no pain.

Hope this helps. Just remember to take it slow and easy, until you get the hang of it.


I gained length and girth.the length came from the area where the top of the penis shaft goes in then out to make the mushroom shape.That part is where an extra 0.2 inches inches where made.


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