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Cable Clamp: gains?

Good results…

1) Do you also bend while you clamp?
2) Are you not afraid that the penis will not heal in 24 hours after heavy clamp sessions?



Originally Posted by vanloon
Good results…

1) Do you also bend while you clamp?
2) Are you not afraid that the penis will not heal in 24 hours after heavy clamp sessions?

1) No bending at all. Strictly squeezes and I incorporate ULI’s while Kegeling. I want length really bad, so I keep pushing the tunica out and up and the blood pockets in the glans outward. However, the girth takes precendence over the length on this, at least so far. If I don’t get a reasonable amount of cemented length from this, I will just keep it for minor girth and erection power and try to hang again.

2) As for healing, I noticed better results doing 2-3 in a row while on a Cialis/Viagra run, then let it rest for a day or so.

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Thanks for your input

Why did you stop hanging in the past?

I got disgusted after 2 months with not much for gains. I do believe I wasn’t doing it correctly, or long enough. As you many have seen in the hangers forum, some people respond to heavy weight, some with lighter weight. I think to acheive what I want, I will need to do light to medium weight for a long time. I got lazy also. It was much more convenient for me to clamp in the tub with Viagra running through my veins than to hang, sit, heat, change, ADS. I’m going to start it back up with a new routine though.

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Have you tried bends? When I bend down, my ligs get VERY sore for several days, from base to tip. It may help with length gains you are looking for.


No. I should try them. Are these the ligs next to the shaft, and not the ones that hanging pulls down? Can you describe how you perform this?

Are you bending in the middle? How does the bend go?

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How long do you guys clamp for?

I clamp for a max of 10 minutes, then I can feel my penis fatigueing so I stop and do some gentle massages to make sure everything is alright.

A couple people in here have me scared with talk about thrombosed veins.

I clamp after a good 10 minutes during hotwrap. After I placed the clamp, I give the penis a hotwrap again. In my opinion, it is very important to warm your penis well if you do clamps.

No veins trouble so far… I hope it will stay that way….

What I’m curious about is lets say you find 5 minutes a day is working for you.

You are getting increased flaccid hang, better nite and morning wood, and seem to be getting some increased size.

What would happen if instead you went to 1 minute, 5 times a day?

Or 1 minute 10 times a day?

I may try it myself, but I have so many experiments going….

I’m thinking of trying clamped pumping 5 minutes 2 times a day.

Where guys get in trouble with clamping is underestimating how much stress it causes your unit.

Stress used in the right amount equals growth, over-used will cause regression…and if done enough——injury!

I would recommend that guys start out with 5 minutes a day for a week and assess their physiologic responses. If they are good, then go to 5 minutes, 2 times a day, for a week and repeat the process. That is assuming that all the physiologic indicators are still positive!

I would bet more guys will get better results with that approach.


Originally Posted by rubbingalcohol
How long do you guys clamp for?

I clamp for at least 30 minutes straight. I don’t get any oxygen shortage or see any noticeable problems. Maybe I’m a freak. (:

Formerly known as Sex&Guns. R.I.P.

Originally Posted by Sex&Guns
No. I should try them. Are these the ligs next to the shaft, and not the ones that hanging pulls down? Can you describe how you perform this?

Are you bending in the middle? How does the bend go?

Yep. They are the ligs on the top that run the length of the shaft. The ones that are stretched when pulling down flaccid. I get the same soreness, even some soreness at the very base where they join the bone. They are very intense, and you must use control and pain should never be felt. They get uncomfortable, but pain, if that makes sense.

First, I use a heating pad for 10 minutes, until Thor is very pliable. Then, I manually get a 100% erection. I put the top part of a dress sock around the base, and then the clamp. I clamp as far down near the base as I can possibly get it. I mean I dig down into my fat pad. Kegel to trap as much blood as possible, and slowly clamp it off. If done right, you should be very bloated and much thicker than usual, with bumps on the head. Very formidable, indeed.

This is where it is going to hard to explain in detail, but I’ll give it a go.

OK with thumb up, grab around the base with the left hand. Thumb up with the right hand, softly grab right under the head, and use the fingers along the shaft and the palm as a fulcrum to ensure an even bend. With the right hand, slowly begin to bend the head down with the thumb and forefingers, while bending up with the three small fingers. This is a slow twisting of the wrist move, the position of the fingers never change. Think of a Slinky motion. Again,use the fingers and palm as a fulcrum. Make sure not to bend at the base too much. The left hand should try to keep the angle of the erection at it’s natural point. You are bending the length of the shaft, not the angle. If you think of it that way, it may help you visualize it. Bend until you feel discomfort, NOT PAIN. Then bend using the other hand to ensure and even bending. You may loose part of the erection due to blood being forced out of it, so you may have to re-clamp after each set. After 10 to 15 minutes of these, and you will be sore from the base to the tip, mostly along the ligs. Your skin may feel stretched as well.

Use basically the same technique to bend to the left and the right. They are more intense, and probably more dangerous, due to the pressure exerted directly on the CC. BE VERY CAREFUL and listen to your body. You should never, I mean NEVER feel pain. Mild discomfort at worst.

Also, you need to keep a 100+% erection at all times. This is an erect bend. Kegel as much as you can during the routine.

My observations after several months of clamping almost exclusively.

I am gaining girth flaccid and erect. I have gained a bit of length as well. I ma not a big measurer, as some of you know, but I have felt growth clamping. I don’t measure because I think it can be misleading. There are times when my erections have serious heft to them. Other times, it feels very thin and lite. The erections are just as hard, just a much different feel to them. Don’t know why, but I have observed this over the years, so for me, measuring is an inexact art at best.

I am getting a “growth ring” kind of thing at the base where I clamp.

I notice a more even girth. The turkey neck/baseball bat from years of jelqing is gone. I have thicker girth at the base, and always will, but the girth is now even all the length of the shaft.

I like to finish the clamping in the shower. I have experimented with the cold water to cement the ligs, but, to date, haven’t noticed much of a difference. By this I mean right when it’s at it’s peek “bloatedness” and sore after the stretches, run cold water over it for several minutes to cement the gains.

I have a more even discoloration, since the clamp uses skin further down the shaft. When flaccid, the skin from my scrotum is partly discolored, so it looks more “natural.”

If you have any questions, please ask me. Be VERY CAREFUL if you choose to attempt these.


Can anyone recommend a routine that is ideal for new clampers?

Also, what would happen if I we’re to clamp for 10 mins a day, 2 days on and 1 day off. Is that too much?

Also, when clamping after jelqing, is it best to be flaccid, semi, or erect?


Bpfl: 11.2 Cm / 4.4" X Fg: 9.5 Cm / 3.75"

Bpel: 17 Cm / 6.69" X Eg: 11.3 Cm / 4.44"

I use the extreme uli at the base and hang 4lbs on the shaft (and got good gains)


I am just starting to consider adding clamping to my routine and have been trying it with just hand squeezing to get the sense of it. I have bought that orange cable clamp from Home Depot and would like to start in on it more seriously.

My question to you is this, how do you identify for yourself the line between enough clamping force and too much? Once you have kegeled in extra blood and clamped off should you need to kegel again or should the clamp hold your erection for the entire session? I hear mention that the right amount of clamping pressure is being able to add more blood in but not have it go out. How can you have more go in but not have it come back out? What are the signs during a session that you’ve clamped too hard?

Any explanation would be appreciated.


How long have been PEing and what has been your main exercises?

Your answers will determine how long/hard IMHO you should clamp.


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