Just a small point.
Would anyone here consider hanging for 45 minute sets? No, of course not.
So why the hell would you try and clamp for 45 minutes?

Clamping is all about restricting the blood flow, correct?
Generally, there are then two schools of thought on how “extreme” you are willing to take it.
1. Restricting the out flow of blood, but still allowing some inflow, or
2. Restricting both inflow and out flow.

Depending on where and how tight you clamp will dictate which category you fall in to.
If you fall into the second category and clamp for longer than 20 minutes, YOU ARE RISKING TISSUE DEATH!

Crazyed27, of all the guys from Mos, I have by far the highest respect for you and your methods.
However, I think you are missing what Piet and Ike are saying.

Regardless of which of the above categories your clamping routine falls into, clamping is INHERENTLY DANGEROUS and they are simply trying to ensure that each and every member (especially newbies) are aware of this.

Remember, not every newbie has the experience (or even common sense for that matter) that you do. You know what is right for you.
All a newbie sees is the size of your huge cock (great by the way :) ) and what’s one just like it, no matter what.

OK, maybe it wasn’t such a small point after all (: