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Buster's New Stretching Exercise

Buster's New Stretching Exercise

Well, as usual the place and time of the eureka-moment was lying in bed not wanting to get up! You know, that’s when Einstein and Newton did their best work. And here I thought all along it was only good for getting wood…

This is really just an expansion upon 7-Up's 'V-stretch' exercise. The same fulcrum principle is at work here. It’s called the O-Ring Exercise.

What you need:

1) Disposable latex gloves (use vinyl or nitride if allergic)
2) Sufficient size O-ring
3) Penis*

* Suggest using your own ;)

I suggest using the latex glove simply to get quick and proper grip for the exercise. I’ve found that using fulcrum pressure can pull the penis out of your grip, so the latex causes friction with the skin and increases grip forces without adding great pressure forces.

Now the o-ring: think about that Fisher Price toy that has existed for centuries now. You know, that one where you (err, the kid) plays with rings and tosses or places them onto that rocking little post. It has multi-colored hollow plastic rings that decrease in size as they stack up the post. Still clueless? Deprived as a child? Grrrr, ok! Here:…/71050_60_2.jpg

Alright, that gets most of you in the ballpark. It’s not necessary to use those toys simply because they might not stand up to the workload (aside from the fact that it could freak your wife out, and how do you explain that to Junior when he catches you??). Instead, consider the diameter you’ll need (I suggest about a 4 inch diameter ring). Then find a source that you think works best (hit the hardware store or something - I leave this to everyone to discuss later in the post as you try different things).

Thoughts to keep in mind are that you want it to be durable and somewhat bend-resistant (but you can experiment with that property). Also, the ring edge itself should not be too thin (painful) nor thick (decreases fulcrum properties). Go for about 1cm (3/8 inch or so) in thickness. Also consider the material that you use so it isn’t painful to the skin. You can always wrap something like tape around it if need be.

And now, finally…

The Exercise

Prerequisite: make sure you do a thorough warmup!

1) Insert penis through ring and hold ring with one hand.

2) With the other hand, grab the penis behind the head with the official Thunder’s Place-approved manual stretch grip and stretch outwards.

3) At about the halfway point of your shaft apply the fulcrum pressure with the ring. For those not understanding, that means that you pull the ring against your penis. You create a fulcrum point as your penis bows into a ‘V’ shape and stresses the ligs/tunica.

Note: I prefer a hot H20 warmup and warmdown (simply because it feels so good).

Now the benefits of this are many:

* you can apply the fulcrum through 360 degrees (up, down, side to side - any which way)

* if you find the proper ring it’s much more comfortable and effective than the manual V-stretch (not to take anything away from 7-Up’s exercise, just the same as a Ferrari doesn’t take anything away from the Model T Ford; and I am not intimating that this is a ‘Ferrari’ of an exercise - that was just an analogy)

* the various angles we can now easily stress will bring the tunica under good pressure

Those of you with the knowledge of AI stretching can try to apply it with this exercise; that is what I’ll be doing. This will make it a compound exercise and more difficult than normal JAI stretches. Basically you’ll have to stretch out your penis for a two-second count and apply the fulcrum pressure at the same time, although you don’t apply the pressure until the penis is fully stretched. That means you have to have a sense of timing. After the two-second application, you’ll release the stretch and fulcrum pressure for a two or three second pause.

Well, I made this like a Master’s thesis (sorry), but I wanted to get all the info on it into one post.

From here on out it’s up to the community to experiment with it and find sources for the rings that are most appropriate. The benefits are many and one of the great things is that it’s cheap.

Now if you find it a beneficial exercise, thank me by making a contribution to Thunder’s ;)

To and for my Brothers in Bigness,

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Thanks Buster for that new exercise. I’m using a golf dougnut weight. It’s about 1cm in width so I guess its good. You mentioned to put the pressure half way on the shaft. Can I put it near the base and all over the penis to stretch it out, or just the middle?


Well, as I shall not be there to keep you from doing it, you are allowed. :D

Seriously, try any spot, but you’ll find the greatest bend possible in the middle. Whatever works for you and produces results. Here is where a little ‘soreness’ or fatigue is a good indicator of efficiency.


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