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Buster's Injury and Sabbatical

No Phat, Zep was implying it, not you. At least that’s what I got from it.

I know you guys with the donkeys just throw a pack on it and swing away! But not we lil’ dudes. :)

Hey Thunder,

I have been after him for a while to join. Although, this last time he gave me a funny smile when we talked about it. He may have already joined or else he may be lurking. In any case, he made his own hanger that I think is similar to the modified Bib. He said that several medical houses made something similar as a means of correcting Peyronnes. In fact, that is really how he got started. He said that he had a patient with a troubling case of PD and he had him gradually increasing the weight over a period of about a year. He said that when the guy was finally straightened out, he was about an inch longer. He had heard similar stories, so he began to investigate a little bit and learned about several PE methods and went on from there. I hope that he does join, but since he is at 8” he acts like he is about done with it. I think that those who have a really busy schedule are less likely to participate especially if they have already reached their goals. HOWEVER, I ask him every time that we talk, so you never know.

Take care


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Hi all, I am trying this hanging business and I have had a very extreme case of Peyronies. I have corrected on bad bend but still have one that we will see if it straightens out. I am not satisfied with the hanger I have made, am still trying. I have only been hanging now for a few days. Iowa

Get a BIB, that’s all I can say (if you are also going for length). But if it’s just to fix the Peyronie’s, then you should be OK. Try making one like Tryin4more’s Bib-knockoff.

Damn it, I am an ASS. An ass I tell you.

I go to Bib’s hanger site to search for any info on the weight of the hanger. As I am there I start rereading the site (which I last read before I started hanging). Anyhow, Bib mentions intensity and the need to go easy at first. There it was for me but I didn’t think about it. I remember Twat’s suggestion for everyone to reread the site. Damn it, I was gonna but put it off… what an ass.

Anyhow, I was afraid when I started hanging that I might have a hard time monitoring how I felt and what it meant (soreness good or pain bad). Now I know. I really intend to parlay this and other’s experiences into some greater explanation on monitoring our body’s stress level in regards to hanging. First I gotta heal and get back into it, though.

I am….. an ass.


I really need to get around more. I am sorry about your injury. I am still waiting for my debate buddy to get back to par (gottagrow). The price of beauty. ;) I hope you recover from your second injury to the first…or reaggravation of the initial injury. (I didn’t completely read the thread). At any rate, alls well that ends well.

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

Zig Ziglar

Hey Buster..

Hope you heal up well and soon.

I myself am approaching 3 months off after my thrombosing nonsense.

Damnit - Impatience, thy name is BigJ!!!!

Just remember that once you have healed completely give it another week or so - the first time I healed up I got straight back into it after about 3 days. Well that was about 2 1/2 months ago. I wish I’d waited another week…….

See Ya,



Thanks for the words, BigJ. Hope that thrombose heals completely and you are able to avoid it in the future.

Even today I feel much better (but it could be the ibuprofen talking ;) ). But I caught myself and reminded myself that I am waiting one full month before I start in again.

Besides, I have plenty to read and some theories to work out in my mind. I am trying to tie a lot together in my mind to help the whole hanger community to move forward safely. What else can you do on downtime??

HiYa Buster,

I’m really glad that you are taking the Ibuprofen. I think you will recover quickly and turn into a hanging machine! I agree, however, about you taking a month off. I am experiencing this crazy nerve regeneration thing. Yesterday, I was perfectly back to normal and could get a full erection and have completely normal sensation in my glans. Thinking ahead to future PE endeavors, I decided to do a full flacid stretch to see how the unit handled that (I had stretched like this about 500 times before this - but this was the first stretch post injury). Wouldn’t you know, the damned thing went partially numb again, although only about half as bad as before. Well, this morning I began the kegel blitz again (to increase blood flow to the unit). Tingling and burning started right away and this afternoon, the pudster is about back to normal sensation-wise. To me, this is some really weird shit. Bigger told me that he had the same thing about 4-5 different times and he would usually just keep hanging with about 1/2 the normal weight. I cannot bring myself to do that. Its a bummer though, because I can feel my damned ligs toughening up as we speak. They’ll probably be like steel cables when I start back, but what can you do?! Anyway, I thought that I would just bellyache a little with one of my buddies on the sideline (our pal BigJ is there too). BTW, have you told your wife or GF (I can’t remember if you’re married or not) about your PE. You said that you hang at night before bed, so I just wondered. I told my wife about two weeks ago, but she won’t hang around if I’m hanging (no pun intended). It freaks her out to see weights hanging off my dick.

Hope you recover quickly


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Oh Jelk, Jelk, Jelktoid…

How many times I gotta tell ya - leave that lil’ puppy alone! Ahhh, it’ll get better! I like your idea of not hanging through this (even though Bib did); I like to err on the side of safety (now, I suppose). You do sound a little down, but it’s coming back to you. Just stop interrupting the healing cycle.

And you know your ligs ain’t gonna be steel when you heal. You’ll get back to it even smarter than before. But I know - the chicken little syndrome is very important to us at these moments in time. hehe

I am really looking forward to it, but feel no rush now. I am concentrating on getting good sleep and getting a morning aerobic routine worked into my daily schedule (for energy mostly). So that is good and when I am ready to hang it’ll be a bit easier to work back into my schedule. Concentrating on diet and research and also going to try some amino acid supplements. Always something to do..

No, I am divorced w/ no significant other at the moment. So I have no one to tell. It’s funny, but part of me wants to tell someone about this. Like, “Guess what??” and then - *ka-boing* “See? I told ya!”. Sometimes I laugh and think I’ll show the ex just to see and hear her give a ‘holy shit’ one time. She felt I was big enough, but she might really think I’m a goof. Not that I give a crap. I just think it would be funny to watch her laugh at the sheer ludicrousness of it all. We would have a good laugh at it.

I can’t blame your wife for not wanting to be there. To be honest, even if I was still married and had told her I would not want her around. Kinda like I don’t wanna be watched while I am taking a big dump. Yeah, you can come in if you really need to, but please don’t watch me.

I know you mentioned this before, but does it ever cross your mind about *who* she’s told about this? ‘Cause I know it must be one of those things that seem so out there to them that they might feel the need to say “hey, is this crazy but Jelktoid is putting weights on his penis?!?”. I think you said you could care less who knew, but still… Actually, I’d really want to know because I would do silly stuff so that the others would stare at it! Just to get a laugh, you know…



Hi Buster,

I’m glad to hear that you are busy and staying in the “PE frame of mind”. Time will pass and before we know it we will be happily hanging weights off our dicks with the Bib hanger (I love the Bib hanger!). Having the guys to talk to during this hiatus has been great. I’ve heard from several who went through this nerve thing.

My wife and I had a little romp this morning and my buddy felt and performed the way he’s supposed to. Just a tiny bit if tingling and burning afterward to suggest that he passed this test but there is still a little healing going on. I have been a little bummed because my flaccids have been horrible the last two days. It may be because I have been kegeling like a madman to keep good blood flow down there for healing. I am now convinced that kegels inhibit flaccid length. However, my erect length was close to my best ever, so I was not despondent.

What a crazy ass life we live as we lengthen our puds!

Take care


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Injury from Hanging


Thanks a lot for posting news of your injury. I hope others who do something to get an injury will post details , so others can watch out.

I was increasing my BTC hang the other day9about two weeks ago) from 15# to 18# and did this for a couple of days, trying to feel fatigue, then continuing at reduced weights. Thought I had succeeded but on second or third day when I unwrapped after second weight reduction I had the most horrible looking doughnut just under glans(which I’d never seen in four months of hanging). Scared the hell out of me, till BIB and one other calmed me down and told me what to do. My qustion after all this rambling is what kind of bhang were you doing? BTC, or other. I,ve resumjwd hanging, at reduced weights and my ligs srrm fatigued enough that after twenty min. or less I want to reduce weight. Thing is, I don’t want to go so far into fatigue I suffer a repeat of your injury. Hope your “unit” recovers soon. I know I’d miss it if I couldn’t hang.

Surfer 1

Hey Buster

Get well soon.

We all hope you will completely heal and then carefully resume PE.

BTW, do you know the Mtv group Busta Rhymes? - kind a same as your handle :)

ù ì å í


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Recovery with ADS

If you guys (Buster and Jelktoid) are concerned about this time off making your ligs stronger and your flaccid a little shorter, why not try some some sort of all day stretching with not much tension. I mean if you have to heal, why not heal in a extended state?

I may be very wrong couse Im a newbie to PE and I certainly wouldnt want your injury getting worse. So its just a (hopefully not stupid) idea.

By the way, I am currently making a ADS device, similar to the enlargerstrap, I will post about it when Im done.

Thats all, I wish you both a good recovery and please keep us informed.Take care.


Well, in my case the lig was sufficiently damaged (not major, but more than proper for hanging). So it needed time to naturally heal. ADS would have been constant stress and alot of pain.

I personally feel ADS is a tool to only be used by those who are intermediate hangers and above, but that’s my opinion.

For Jelktoid, he had some nerve damage and needed the lack of stretching for prompt rehabilitation.

The ADS is valid but only for the slight microtears that we are trying to produce, not in the instance of more heavyduty stress.


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