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I’m copying this thread I posted today, over from PE Forums:

This experience happened to me a few weeks ago. As I mentioned on another
thread, I found a great Internet source for cock rings— ,
otherwise known as JT’s Stockroom. JT’s carries the same selection of cock rings
that I had been buying locally and had some cock rings that I had never seen
anywhere else, such as the Teardrop Cock Ring I’ve mentioned previously. I tried
to get my local adult novelties shop to order the Teardrop Cock Ring for me;
however, the owner was a snot about it and said it wasn’t worth his time.
Inevitably, cock ring lust got the best of me and I determined that my only
alternative was to order it directly from JT’s Stockroom. About that same time, I
was exploring nipple enhancement/enlargement and they had a couple of items
for that as well. I decided to make one grand order from JT’s, ordering everything
I wanted that wasn’t available locally. I called JT’s several times, studied their
website, and concluded that they were a quality outfit that would be discreet
and confidential.

The next issue was where to ship the package. I was hesitant to have it sent to
my home; I didn’t want to have a lot of explaining to do if my wife asked what
was in the package. I determined that it would be easier to have it shipped to my

So, I called JT’s and placed my order. They were very nice and understanding of
my needs. I requested that nothing (catalogs, sales offers, etc.) be mailed to me
at either my office or home addresses. I ordered the Teardrop Cock Ring, the
Chrome Triple Ring, two rubber head rings, two aluminum head rings, two
aluminum 1 1/4” aluminum cock rings, two nipple suction devices and one univeral
nipple enlarger kit. I will describe these products later in other threads. The order
taker asked if I wanted a copy of JT’s Stockroom Mail Order Catalog and I said
OK. (Who am I to resist a catalog with pictures of Aria Giovanni and Kyla Cole
dressed as dominatrices?) The pictures on their website are enough to convert
the straightest person to the BDSM scene. JT’s is based in L.A. which meant a
quick two-day delivery via UPS ground to my office. I called the next day to get
the tracking number so I could closely monitor the package’s arrival.

Two days later, I determined that the package had arrived in the company
mailroom, delivered in time for the morning mail run. My firm outsources the
mailroom; the mailroom people work for an outside company. When the morning
mail arrived on my floor; my JT’s package was not delivered. I got a panicked,
sinking feeling and went down to the mailroom to look for my package. The girl
said that she “hadn’t seen it.” She said that it might still be on the cart to be
delivered to my floor. A little while later, she called and said that it had “gotten
misplaced in a corner of the mailroom.” So, rather than wait for them, I went
down and retrieved my package and took it back up to my office. I opened it and
inspected the contents, stashed it away and left the office for the day.

The next day, I was working out of one of our field sites. When I checked my
voicemail, I had a message from one of my firm’s Human Resources managers.
Apparently, he had tried to call me several times the day before and finally
resorted to leaving me a voicemail. Knowing who it was that was calling, I knew
that I had been busted for something. The first thought that came into my mind
was that my activity on the PE forums had been discovered. I then listened to
the message:

“We’ve had a complaint from the mailroom. You should know that there is no right
to privacy in the workplace. All packages received in the mailroom are opened
before being delivered. Mailroom personnel were uncomfortable with the contents
of the package and brought it to my attention.”

(My editorial comments—The girls in the mailroom are quite young, I live in a
conservative city, and the contents of the package and JT’s Stockroom catalog
with its abundant photos of sex toys and BDSM gear most attractively modeled
by Aria Giovanni and Kyla Cole were no doubt the first introduction these girls had
ever had to such things—no doubt, it was a traumatic experience for them.)

The Human Resources guy continued, “I need two things from you: a promise
that you won’t have items of a ‘personal’ nature delivered to work, and that this
won’t happen again.”

Needless to say, I shaking and about to shit my pants as I listened to this
message. My eighteen year career with this company flashed before my eyes and
I felt sick to my stomach. I am in a position of great trust and a respected
member of the corporate offices.

I tried to call the HR guy back several times, he was in meetings, blah, blah, blah.
I called again and found that he had left for week, making the long weekend even
longer. Needless to say, I spent an uneasy long weekend with this weighing
heavily on my mind.

Finally, the following week, I was able to speak with the HR guy on the phone. I
apologized for what had happened and I said that I didn’t realize that all
packages were opened in the mailroom. He was very cool about it. He said that
he didn’t know that all packages were opened in the mailroom, either. Thank God
he was a man! If it had been a female, my butt might have been canned on the
spot. (It’s probably a good thing that the mail room girls do not work for my
company. That might have changed how I was disciplined.) I gave him my word
that it wouldn’t happen again and he said that it was all forgotten as far as he
was concerned. I hung up and breathed a huge sigh of relief. I had been scared
shitless and it was a good week before I could relax enough to sneak a peek at
the PE forums again.

Hopefully, some of you can learn from my experience. It could have turned out a
lot worse for me.

J Meister "Building a phallus worthy of worship."

That’s one hell of a story! So, did you calm down enough to actually use your new toys?


Yes, I finally did calm down and try out my toys a few days later. I’ll post my reviews later.

J Meister "Building a phallus worthy of worship."

“We’ve had a complaint from the mailroom. You should know that there is no right
to privacy in the workplace. All packages received in the mailroom are opened
before being delivered. Mailroom personnel were uncomfortable with the contents
of the package and brought it to my attention.”

I would have shit a brick.

I still don’t understand why you didnt get it delivered to your house?
Whats the big deal if your wife found out?
Are you not using these things you bought with your wife?

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I know what we should call J Meister; “Lord of the Rings” LOL.


Nice story but I don’t get it. Why would someone have a box of sextoys send to his office? How are you going to explain a big box in the mail to your colleagues or your boss. If you leave your office with a box someone may think you’re taking home officesupplies and want to make you open it.

Why do they open your mail and how come you didn’t notice it. Why did you leave the opened box in your office?

Who cares if your wife finds the box? Couldn’t you make up an excuse you were receiving something from work or for a friend?

OMG! What a horror story! Anything sent to our company is also subjected to be opened up as well… I would get a mail boxex etc or something like that… Well worth a couple bucks… Fuck, glad you kept your job…


:eek: Ye god! That is some serious shit that just happened. Under what policies does the company justify opening up employees private mail? Doesn’t seem to be a justifiable act.

If this had happened to me, I would probably be constipated for the rest of the week with the shivers. I would be totally screwed. But, glad to see that you have pulled out of this alright!

The sexual harrassment laws nowadays are outrageous. It was very possible that if you HR person was a woman, your 18 yrs would go down the drain (I’ve seen it happen at my work where a guy had a few porno pictures CLOSED IN A FOLDER - where this woman should not have been looking - but he was busted, reported to HR, then canned).

Needless to say, the young woman who nailed him did not last much longer herself. Everybody pretty much ignored her - even the other women. She was constantly shut out of stuff, never invited to anything, never given phone messages, etc., etc….but of course, it didn’t help the guy who was fired.

While I agree that there should be laws to protect women - especially in the workplace (especially since some guys can be real creeps) - this whole thing has gone way too far. I listened in disbelief to an “expert” on this issue, speaking on TV, and she said that sexual harrassment is “whatever the victim perceives as harrassment.” Um…..that could be a simple “Hello,” if she “perceives” the guy wants to nail her. And this expert was getting thousands of $$$ per “workshop” from corporations all across America.

J - at the end of your thread I got the impression you look at the PE forums at work. For god’s sake man, STOP! There is no privacy on any networked PC at work either.


Get a box at one of the mail places, mail boxes etc or whatever. That’s what I did when I was married it cost like 15 bucks a month. You better watch your back at work.


I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)


Once I also thought about getting such a mail depository box located near public places (German postal services are offering this since a while) but there are severe negative points in the German system:

- you can order a deposit via Internet - but these fools notify you by regular mail to your home mail address (not really a good thing when trying to hide it from your wife …”What do you need a mail deposit for, honey?”)

- you can only receive parcels into the deposit. Letters will be forwarded to your home mail address. Hard to figure what comes as a parcel and what comes as a letter. WorldRX i.e. is sending its Veega in a letter - Argingin comes in a parcel…

I was so pissed by this that I dropped the idea. Fortunately privacy is written in capital letters in German working environment and our mail department isn’t outsourced, and sexual harassment is seen differently (not as exaggerated as in the US)

...not buried yet, another 5" ahead!

KPR 0.072 @ Dec. 4, 2003

Scary. Very scary. Was just reading this thread thinking how great it is to be my own boss and have my own shop and not worry about this type of thing and then L born XXL buried mentioned the Veega. Reminded me of my scribbled notes I took late last week from the first time I took Caverta that were sitting here by the computer. Well, they’re not here any more. My cleaning lady must have moved them. Wonder if she read them. lol Had different times written down and the feelings or sensations I had and whatnot. Looked around a bit and still can’t find ‘em.

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