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Maybe the cleaning lady took the notes home, got online, ordered her man some Caverta…who knows?

I think the moral of the story must be “Be honest with your wife and have a strife free life”


It’s good you have a great wife that’s open to things, most guys don’t have that. If I ever get married again I will make sure I have it. Most guys wifes would make it more trouble than it’s worth with hours of useless discussion on why you feel you need it.


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I thought it was illegal to open someones mail without their consent. If you didn’t sign anything then they’re probably breaking a federal law.

So JM,

How many of the young mail room girls have you banged since then?

Seriously, the sexual harrasment thing is no joke, but as everything in the States the two extremes exist (e.g best films, worst films).


Thanks all for your responses and your support.

Yes, in hindsight, this was a stupid thing to do. Fortunately, I had this package sent when the bosses were out of town. I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that no one else that matters finds out about this.

I had a Power-Jelq device delivered to my office back in the summer of 2001. I’m not sure if they were opening mail back in those days. Fortunately, Rob Edmund used to be very discreet in sending them, no instructions, nothing inside but the Power-Jelq itself. If the package was opened, they probably just wondered what the hell it was, it doesn’t look like a sexual device.

I’ve learned my lesson. It really sucks that your civil rights can be trampled on in the workplace.

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No sweat

I guess that most of the PE-items look like some kind of torture equipment for a non-enlightened person.



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