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Burden of proof

Originally Posted by rushmore

I doubt if anybody thinks that Bib just popped onto the scene as a new member boasting about his size. I’m sure he made a classy entrance years ago, not saying he has a 10 inch dick in his signature. Point not taken, but what you said at the end makes sense.


I have felt a slight annoyance with certain claims a few times over the years. I have not felt that way about anyone recently. I don’t think it happens enough to be any real blemish on Free PE. I don’t think newbies reading this forum will be swayed into disbelief by the occasional attention seeker when presented with the preponderance of evidence suggesting PE works.


Big Girtha,

My thoughts exactly. With all of the questions and concerns that people have about the art of PE, why not post a pic of your “new” monster unit. Forget about why we do PE, we do it for ourselves…how about the hope and inspiration it would give to others who hate their lives because of their small units. If you have great gains, show it, make Thunder’s continue to be the best site regarding the art of PE.

One foot to go


I take your point, but don’t necessarily agree with it.

How long after joining to you think someone should be required (that is after all what you are saying, right?) to post pictures?

At what length/girth do you think a member should be required to comply?

After how large a gain should a member be required to comply?

Maybe it should be a prerequisite that a pic is posted prior to membership being granted so that any future claims may be verified?

Where to you propose we draw the line?

I think that for many, many members here, the reason they are here and that they feel they can talk so openly about such an intimate part of their bodies is the fact that this forum protects their true identity. Everyone only sees what we want them to see.

What makes you think that if I posted a pic that it is of my dick anyway?

I take people on face value. If you say you are a hard gainer, I believe you. In reality how do I know that you aren’t just plain lazy and PE 2 days per month and thats why you are a hard gainer?

If someone says they have a big dick I believe them until I have reason otherwise. Lets say they lie about their dick what. It doesn’t worry me in the slightest because, in the end, they are only lying to themselves and if thats the way you decide to live your life, then so be it.

Originally Posted by rushmore
how about the hope and inspiration it would give to others who hate their lives because of their small units.

I’m getting tired and am about to go under, so this might lack the vigor and detail it should. But, I learned about the aspect in the above post after getting here. Guys don’t ever just hang around and discuss their tail of woe about under-sized genitalia.

After I got here I read how some guys were emotionally scarred about comments that women made to them. And after noticing some of the comments thrown at some guys with large sizes, I realized that no one wanted to hear what some women have said to me (positive/ ego enhancing) about size. Even though this is a site about getting a big dick, I realized that it just wouldn’t go over well.

Being uncomfortable about size is something that I never had to be concerned about. So, I can’t really identify. But I have been in situations where I took group showers.

I have a large flaccid. And I noticed the things that smaller guys did, in general, and in my presence. The short version is, some guys would try to get semi-hard ons while in the shower (gym setting). Or keep their underwear on, with the seeming purpose of washing sweaty underwear in an all-in-one step.

So, I can understand how someone who was not always large would want to show everyone if they suddenly found themselves, bigger in general, but certainly if they were suddenly larger than average. But OTOH, for a guy who was always larger than average the excitement to show everyone wouldn’t be the same. And a larger guy just puts himself in a situation where there is envy, jealousy, and, in general, shitty comments.

It would be one of those situations where there is nothing to gain, with a whole lot of unnecessary spin control. Has the photo been shopped? What is the angle of the cam? Why isn’t there anything for scale? Why don’t you take a ruler pic?

And if all that fails to transform the measurement into a phony, then some will just find it aesthetically unappealing. Don’t like the way you shaved your dick hair. Which would be just be a different way of saying ‘I dislike the fact that you are bigger than me’.

I have other reasons why I wouldn’t post a pic, but all the above seem like unnecessary contortions to go through, IMO.

Originally Posted by rushmore

Maybe I shouldn’t put a label on who should and who shouldn’t, but if your going to boast about your size and your gains regularly, post a pic to shut everyone up.

This I might agree with. If it is going to be constantly referred to, then I guess I see your point. If it is going to be incessantly kept in everyone’s conscious, then people should realize that others would want to see. A constant advertiser should realize that, at some point, others would want to actually see the article. So I suppose I can’t fault you there.

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I said I was getting tired. So I left this out: I have never actually went into the pic forum. There are other forums that I don’t purposely go into, so that isn’t the only one.

If pics are in the ‘Latest Threads’ category, I might look. But there has to be nothing else keeping my interest at the time. Which means nothing sensational having recently been posted by TT. Which is rare, indeed. But anyway, in that rare and unlikely scenario, I might check out a pic thread. But it has to have been viewed like a hundred zillion times, to even have a possibility. I just never go to the pic forum.

I suppose it’s a different strokes, different folks type thing. It might make me sound however, but it doesn’t really interest me what is going on in update/ progress pics.

There are reasons why I’m not interested, but ultimately, I’m just not concerned. Now you want to talk female nudity - that is a topic that I am never uninterested in.

I am always willing to download footage of skillful female artisans shamelessly plying their craft in the adult market.

The emotional scarring, I’m sure plays a part with a lot of people. I’m not sure its always a size thing though. I guess people come to this pursuit from all angles and for some PE becomes something that once they succeed in they expect everything else to fall into place. PE requires you to get to know your dick more intimately than anything else I think. I think you have to be at least slightly healthy in mind to handle that, no matter what size you are.

I think there will always be problems with photos, people will argue perspective and talk about how the ruler is taped together. Some of this is natural, some of it is good at exposing the fraudsters but mostly we don’t seem to start from a position of giving someone the benefit of the doubt and letting them hang themselves if they are going to.

There is a problem with people who come here wanting instaguru status and unfortunately it is the new guys that suffer, they haven’t seen it happen many times before. Anyone who starts posting about their wonderful gains that vary all the time or when they start posting say they gained with X routine but within a week it was Y routine will hopefully be called on it at some point.

You do have to wonder about some people’s motive for posting though. Why start posting at a board once you’ve reached you goal? Why try to push people to accept you as someone who knows what they are talking about when it will happen in time anyway?

Unfortunately this board suffers from people coming in and trying to spam or scam or simply be seen as the man and we have to watch out for that, but I think there is a tendency here to shout bullshit a little to quickly sometimes and that’s something which doesn’t exactly encourage people to post.

Posting pictures on the Internet is a big deal. To many people know I’m dino for my liking, you guys should do a google search on your user names you would be suprised what comes up. I have been dino on non PE things and I also used to use my dino email account for other things. But I agree if people come along making huge claims and we didn’t know them before the gains or they want to sell something and they are using the growth as a sales tool they should post some nice clear pictures. And new guys should at least take before, during and after pictures and keep them for themselves

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Personally, whatever outcome may result from my future PE endeavors, I don’t intend on ever posting pictures of myself on an internet board. Therefore I don’t blame anyone who chooses not to do so either.

That’s the kind of thing someone can use against you later on. Who knows how many people one may recognize post on the board.

To answer the original question; it all depends on the situation.

How could you possibly conceive guidelines for that kind of situation?

Does any particular member ‘owe’ the community picture proof after X time on the board, n gains, or y size? We could write a formula I guess, but what’s the point?

What somebody thinks is unbelievable or impossible might well be true or real. Or, it might not be so special for other people. It’s a matter of perspective.

The legitimacy of PE will never go down - there is already enough evidence don’t you think, that it does work? The accumulation of stories, member pics, size’s database, personal experience, and many other sources should be enough to convince even a harsh skeptic that it does work - to at least some extent.

Imagine the scale of conspiracy if literally tens of thousands of guys over multiple websites and forums were all tied to some elaborate scheme? It would cost more money to impliment that you would make from it!

Back to the first issue - do you really think that even the clearest photo proves anything, for the reiteration of the points listed by others? It is just a nice little reassuring piece of data that some doubters can look at and feel less lied to (or completely lied to, depending on the quality/obvious falsity of the image) A small piece of a puzzle that you put together in your own head on each and every member, composed of their stats, story, gains, pics, and even general manner etc. They all contribute.

It’s not unusual that someone will fake for whatever reasons - there are thousands upon thousands of examples online everywhere you look. We will never stop this, even if pics become mandatory for your avatar ;)

Misrepresentation - who gives a flying fuck? If there is some guy who is bothering you because he claims rediculous size or gains, ignore them - they will dig their own grave if they are liars. The truth is that each little inconsistency will accumulate on the pile, and eventually somebody will call them out and they will be disgraced from the entire community.

It has happened before and it will happen again. Nobody (except twat) is a good enough liar to keep their story believably consistent for years on end. I could give an example but it would probably be recieved badly :D

Like mem said, keep to yourself and just thank your lucky stars you are not a poor newbie, who doesn’t know the full story and is suckered in by a bullshit guru.

I despise liars, but it is all too common a thing. Do as I do and just set their dickhead attribute bit to 1 so that you enable a bullshit filter on every input you recieve from them, and go on with your own life.

Re: Burden of proof

Like anyone, when I first arrived here I had a strong desire to see visual proof to back up the claims I was reading. This despite a better than average understanding that such “proof” simply cannot be relied upon; it has been demonstrated time and again just how easy it is to fake a pic, or even video - and such manipulation is only becoming easier and more accessible for the average person to convincingly master and exploit.
Instead of pining for facile visual confirmation people would be better served to acquire the sophistication and healthy skepticism that will be necessary to discern fact from fiction as the integrity of visual imagery becomes less dependable, and information in general more accessible.

In the end, the burden of proof always rests with the prosecution.

I posted a pic once. I was about a year and a half into my PE career. At that time I was about 7” nbp. I have gained another inch nbp since then. I regret the fact that I never took a picture when I was 5” nbp. I was reluctant to post a pic because I was poorly circumcised and had a scar on my unit. I also had difficulty taking a pic while holding a ruler and trying to maintain an erection. The reason I posted the pic, however, was to lend credibility to my PE claims. Not to boast or show off, because there are certainly larger and better looking specimens than mine on this forum. But rather to offer encouragement via visual reference to all those guys who had been working their butts off and getting minimal or no gains.

I do agree with Dino on his point. Numerous people have seen our faces and know of our user names. I have used my forum name in many different areas. I am not averse to forum people knowing who I am and seeing my unit, but I don’t intend to plaster pictures everywhere. I am planning to post one final pic when I reach my girth goal of 6.5”. This final posting will again be to encourage those who wonder if PE works. I am going to make a post in the main forum about some recent observations that I have made after nearly 3 years of PE. You guys may want to check it out.

Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Hi guys. I have discovered a highly effective PE exercise while reading sacred alien scripts earlier this month and I’m here to tell everyone that I have already reached 12” x 8” using this special exercise and I’m still growing. Damn I think I just gained another half inch while writing this. If you want to see my dick you need to go to Uncle Benny’s farm in Ohio and look at his big black horse’s rod, it’s my size exactly but at this rate I’m going to be bigger than him by the end of the week so hurry

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Originally Posted by UlcasterDropout
Uhhhhh, Am I completely insane?
I could have sworn that I posted in this thread a few hours ago.

Yes, that can drive you nuts. Sort of make you feel invisible.

You know what gets my panties up in a bunch. When you post a reply and then some moderator or popular member posts a reply after you which is at least in part, the same damn thing you just said and then everyone quotes them in agreement because they didn’t read your post. Yes sometimes people identify with the way others word things but I swear some people read the first post and simply reply or scroll down to there favorite avatar and start there.


Yeah that can always drive you nuts and make you feel almost invisible.

Hey don’t you guys agree?

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

No, I don’t feel - or think for that matter - than anyone “should” post pictures of their dick for the world to see. Certainly it’s entirely up to those in question whether they choose to substantiate whatever claims they’re making. If you achieved the 10x7 you wanted to pack, do your really need other guys looking at it to make it real? I’d rather break in a few females.
What I believe is that there are plenty of credible PEers. Throw everyone in the same basket, pick out 1/5 at will and you’re probably close to a valid bunch of gainers.

Personally I’m usually not looking at pictures because 1) Too many too ugly pictures; 2) Photo editing 3) I don’t care enough.


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