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bumps anyone?

bumps anyone?

I just recenltly noticed a very small bump near the scarline of my penis. I did a search on bumps and got much about bumps near the base of the penis, or near hairs. This is not exactly related, I was wondering if this is PE related. I had two earlier bumps near the base and I figured they were vasoline induced. My routine last about an hour long with vasoline the whole time. Come to think of it, all my bumps occured in places where I applied a tournaquite grip for sqeezes. This will be my third bump, this one scares me the most because it is not caused by a hair. PE has been discontinued for now, until I sort all this out. Can some one else give me some imput on this, or talk about there experiences.


I am actually glad to hear someone else gets these. I have gotten them on and off when I was doing a lot of squeezes. I think that the scar skin is just more susceptible to injury and they are pressure induced. I thought I had genital warts for awhile, but they cleared up in 4 or 5 days when I took a break from PE, and they reappeared later, and disappeared in the same fashion. Cosmetically undesireable, yes, but nothing to worry about. I have just started doing my squeezes with my grip further down the shaft, and that seems to have helped. Good luck and I hope I have alleviated some of your concerns.


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