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Bulge watchers

I’m the exact opposite gottagrow. When I catch a chick examining my goods, I chalk up a W and move in for the kill.

Well not exactly, I usually go about my business and wish I was the type that would move in for the kill. However, the W remains in the win column.

Yeah we all have different tastes and desires. Can I ask if you would only find it sexually exciting for a woman to look, or would her looking also add browny points to her apeal as relationship material? I just can’t see myself wanting a long term relationship with this type of woman. If I was into casual sex like I used to be, then this type of woman would apeal to me, but only for a quick screw and nothing more. For a deep meaningful thing I would avoid this type of woman, which is a lot of women, as so many crotch watch these days. But as I said, I am after someone very different from the average woman

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Originally posted by Gottagrow
Can I ask if you would only find it sexually exciting for a woman to look, or would her looking also add browny points to her apeal as relationship material?

Frankly I never considered a crotch-watcher as anything other than the cock whore that she is. So no, to answer your question.

I can’t recall either of the women I’ve loved staring at my groin before the relationship developed.

I see your point, but it is somewhat uplifting for me when a whore’s eyes are drawn to my package.

Just this weekend gone, I went cycling with a group of other cyclists, rode about a 100kms.
Towards the end of the ride, we all sat at a cafe to have something to eat, still in our cycling gear.
Anyway, I noticed 3 of the women checking out my package in great depth, I was talking to one lady, standing in front of her, and no bullshit, she was staring right at it for a good 5 seconds.
I did feel at first a bit uncomfortable, although I thought to myself, “stuff it, isn`t this the reason I`m doing P.E.
There was this honey of a chick, standing waiting to be served, I was standing not to far from her, and she also was checking out my bulge, I had to laugh to myself, as every time I caught her, she just smiled….
I have noticed with my cycling shorts on, even though you have a certain amount of padding for your butt, my dick is definately longer than when I was doing serious racing, and I have to pull the unit down, so it rests on my thigh for it to be comfortable.
You definately notice the bulge because I hang it to the left, and the right seems somehow, left out with size…

I love bulge gazers, don`t know what I would do if a women came up out of the blue, and grabbed it to have a feel of it though, time will tell……..

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I am not a cock whore because I happen to look at a guy’s bulge. Looking at a guy’s bulge doesn’t necessarily mean you are sizing them up. It just may be you like to look or can’t help but look. I don’t look all the time. It seems for the most part I only look if I am attracted to the person physically. It’s no big thing in my opinion. Not an attempt to degrade a man. Women have many years had men looking at their tits and ass. If I could have a dollar for everytime someone stared at my ass or my breast, I’d be a rich girl. Looking is one thing, but when you open your mouth, as men tend to do, and say somethings vulgar or offensive (when it was supposedly to be a compliment) the whole theory changes. To say a woman is a whore for looking at a bulge is like saying she is not human. Although some men seem to think that women aren’t really human on some aspects, I will like to raise my hand to say we are. I’m a bulge watcher at times and I’m sticking with it.

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I don’t see a problem with women looking and I agree with Anna. Besides it’s hard not to look when it sticks out like a sore thumb.


I like it when I catch a chick checking out my package. I think to myself, “Thanks for looking”.

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When a woman looks at your bulge it doesn’t mean she wants to “jump your bones” right then and there. It only means she is attracted to you. And being attracted to you doesn’t make her a whore, does it?


I almost celebrated the yesterday when I caught a woman looking(more than once). I had just done a workout at lunch and put a ring on, so it was a little obvious. In the elevator to the garage a woman was looking down towards the door, I saw her eyes when they scanned my “package”. She looked back towards the door several times, but couldn’t keep her eyes away! :D

Originally posted by anna nimity
If I could have a dollar for everytime someone stared at my ass or my breast, I'd be a rich girl.

Anna, I think I owe you $10 or so… :)

For what it’s worth, I try not to judge, lest be judged.

I’ve not thought ill of any women I’ve caught checking me out. It makes my day. Hell, 9 times out of 10 I’ve checked them out as well :)

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I’ve been paying attention over the year and as I’ve increased in flaccid size I’m getting a lot of doubletakes from bulge watchers. There are 3 times that stand out most in my mind. A woman who when coming out of the store, actually stopped her grocery buggy to get a closer look as I approached. She would only stop looking for a second here and there and then go right to glaring. After I passed by she started back up pushing the buggy.

Another one was in a store where a woman stared right at it for the entire I was walking by. No glancing with her.

The third was, when a woman that was glancing back and forth at it(I could tell from the corner of my eye), got near her girlfriend she nudged her girlriend (I’m sure she was afraid if she said anything to her I might overhear it) to get her to take a look. Her girlfriend , not knowing why she had gotten nudged, said out loud “What? don’t poke me !”. That was so funny to hear.

I want to say that I sure am happy to finally have found Thundersplace. I don’t feel so alone in my thoughts now about so many things concerning women and size.

I don’t usually wear tight pants because I like to feel free and besides tight pants really make my dick uncomfortable.

On the weekends I go to a discount warehouse to buy food and when I do wear tight pants I really get a lot of smiles from the ladys. Makes me feel right at home.

Yea, I like PE.

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It totally blows my mind to think that there is such a viewpoint that degrades women who crotch-watch. Maybe I am such a sexual creature that I can’t understand this. I have never been stared at down there EVER and I would rejoice in the name of God if/when that would happen. That is such a complement a woman can give to a man because it’s the same way when a guy looks at a woman’s rack. I put a woman with a nice rack up on a pedestal in my mind.

I know a girl from the last place I worked who is so beautiful, actually the most beautiful woman I have ever seen ( an 8 in the face, a perfect 10 in the body ), that I become stupid after about a minute or so of conversation with her. There is no other way to put it but I had difficulty defining it because it has never happened before. I become stupid. I lose my train of thought and fight to regain it and I keep on deteriorating. This is unlike other people that have intimidated me where I am stupid initially and then become more comfortable, and therefore smarter, with them as time goes on. Well, I have known her for 4 years and everytime I get close to her, her countenance simply slowly overpowers me like fucking KRYPTONITE. She looks like the girl in n2growing’s avatar but with much longer hair - blonde V-tattered cut down to the crack of her ass!

How one can see that I am degrading her by staring at her body parts is beyond me. If anything, she is the one degrading my mind. We are good friends and even though I know how I become after a few minutes with her, I still now and then strike up a conversation with her just so I can revel how she can deliver me a temporary lobotomy without even trying.
It’s like I’m studying myself as a guinea pig in some cruel experiment. It’s morbidly fascinating to actually feel your mind melting into stupidity and then feel it snap back the moment you leave her presence - almost a cheap humiliating head trip.

I expect to be seen by crotch watchers in the same light as I, as a tit-watcher, see them - as a sexual object which in the rawest terms IS A COMPLEMENT. We try to answer that complement by delivering a substantial amount of cockmeat, which is why we are here, and the cycle continues.

To see crotch-watching as degrading is like saying making your dick bigger through PE is degrading yourself to think that your life doesn’t have enough substance than spending time and effort on PE. That’s such an asexual prudish line of thinking and it’s cold as a witch’s tit.

Also a crotch-watcher is comfortable with her sexuality. That’s a start of having relationship material to me.

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I agree chickenchoker, If men enjoy looking at tits and ass why can’t a lady enjoy looking a nice bulge in the pants?

Seems only fair to me.

Fire shall reign from above as shards of heated shrapnel hurl savage kisses to mortal flesh and shattered bone below.

For days, the dead hung in the air as dust.

I agree. I think women who crotch watch are sexy.


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