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Bulge watchers

Cool story, RB. So what was the underwear situation that day? Or were you just free-balling? I’ve always worn loose boxers, but stories like this make me want to switch up every once in a while :D .

I always wear either boxers or boxer/briefs. Not sure what that day was ;)

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I thought I’d bump this thread with another crotch watcher observation.

I was in clinic today and a female collegue of mine and I were chatting.

I had on jeans and as usual boxers and parked to the right.

I think I caught on after she looked at my crotch for the third time.

I usually miss crotch watchers as I am not observant enough to “catch” them. For some reason she was not good at all about hiding it today.

One observation is that this woman likes to show lots of skin in her modes of dress all the time. Her white coat is usually a good bit longer than her skirt. High heels every day. She clearly uses dress to project sexuality.

Has anybody noticed any correlation with how much skin is showing and whether she is likely to be a crotch watcher?

I seem to remember a discovery channel (or TLC) program about sexuality that women tend to show more skin when in their fertile time of the month (read - when they are horny). I would think that some women may not watch crotches exept during her “horny” times. This particular woman dresses this way all the time, perhaps she is more sexully oriented than most.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

I wonder what straight male crotch watchers are thinking?
Maybe something like…….”You just stay the hell away from me!”.

Great idea by the way to wear a pyamas.
A pyamas will really give prominence to your best friend.

I like to think “more horny” women tend to watch more. I just went back to school….attending a local community college for the GI Bill $$ and, the last few days every one of my 4 classes I walk into I get at least one or two glances.

Have had a few experiences myself. My sister-in-law as a matter of fact.
I have caught her a few times looking down in that area.
I have noticed that when I am around her place or at my mother-in-laws place, she will always sit in the same chair and sneek a bit of a look from time to time. Once I caught her, and she just smiled, I wonder what was going on in that head of hers….
One time, I had finished P.E, must have been about an hour prior, had this huge bulge when seated in my pants, I wear loose fitting boxers and loose fitting track pants, I went to have dinner with the family, sat right in front of her, thought to myself, if you want to look, here it is. I caught her several times…….

Another incident, at a bar, went to the mens room, at the urinal having a pee, when this guy beside me says, “man that quite a big dick you have there”, I donn`t know if he had too much to drink, although while seated, the group of people he was with, there were 3 to 4 ladies with him, I noticed later at the bar, that these women were giving some pretty inviting come over here looks, just had to admire the hard work from P.E……

Gettin Bigger

I don’t remember ever catching someone looking at mine. If I park it to the right(or left), it’s pretty obvious. I guess I’ll have to wear bicycle shorts or something for me to catch someone.


I think that they look more than we know. I think that fit guys get more looks than fat guys. I think that if you are not fat you may not have the technnique of “catching” them right. (I don’t either - I catch them by accident and not all that often).

To maximize the view:

Light colors, flat front, low rise, boxers or boxer briefs or feeball, park to the right. the more of these apply the more it shows.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Damnit. Leave it to the fat guys to not get the looks. :)

Now for more cardio workouts …. :thumbs:


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A couple of decades ago, ladies where supposedly shy and would never watch any crotch. Nowadays it seems to be common practice. What do you think will happen in the future, will they simply walk up to you and test it out with a squeeze? That would be nice experience.


re: Nowadays it seems to be common practice. What do you think will happen in the future, will they simply walk up to you and test it out with a squeeze? That would be nice experience.

- Only if turnabout is fair play!

I’ve had a girl come up to me and grab my cock before. Granted, it was in a club and was nearing the end of the night (read: lots of alchohol had been consumed). It was in the middle of a lot of people. I saw her on the dance floor and I was just fronting with my beer (I can’t dance… well, that is) and I smiled at her and she smiled back. She then danced right up to me and without breaking eye contact, slid her hand down my stomach and caressed my penis. It was qutie an ego trip as I was surrounded by many dudes.

As for cock-watchers, I noticed my sisters 15-year-old friend constantly looking down at my dick. It’s almost as if she was in a trance. I’d just like to clarify that I have not made, nor will make any advances on her as she is very young. I just find it funny that cock-watching seemingly starts at an early age. Either way, it was an ego boost.

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After class this morning, I was walking back to my car, and this hot little brunette was about to walk by me. As she got closer, we made eye contact, she smiled and looked immediately at my crotch before we passed each other. It was the most obvious crotch watch that I’ve ever witnessed. Sure made my morning! :)

I was wearing my khaki shorts and boxers (like always), and I’m always parked to the right. Creates some good shadows when I’m walking, so it’s pretty noticeable.

I’ve never had a “crotch-watcher” before. Maybe its cause my dick ain’t very big went flaccid :(

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Mongoose- have you tried wrapping? Besides giving you a little bulge, it has been discussed here as a way to help cement post-PE-workout gains…

There was a thread about using the Homedics Thera P wristwraps for that purpose: been meaning to buy one, as ACE bandage is versatile stuff but tends to need constant adjustment.

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