Built a ballzinger (Attention Swedes)

Ok, as you’ve probably figured out I’ve built a ballzinger (duh) ;) .

I’ve got blisters all over my fingers, that damn latex tubing was a real biatch to fit over the zinc and copper. Anyways, it came out great, it’s really comfy and my whole package seem to feel a bit warmer. Well, I’ll report back on the results of this little experiment.

If we have any Swedes in here who need help finding the materials to build their own ballzinger just let me know and I’ll tell you where I found mine.

Take care y’all. Laters…

March 2003 5.7" EBPL 5.0" EG

Currently 7.7" EBPL 5.1" EG

Goal 8.0" EBPL 6.0" EG