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Building The Ultimate Length Routine: A Brainstorming Approach

Does anyone have the link to mem’s 20 minute fulcrum routine at all?

We all wanna make their jaws drop. How else will they be able to fit it in

I’m a new guy here and this thread is cold; however, I need a little help being pointed in the right direction.

Several guys mention manual stretching routines in this thread without actually saying what they are. J123’s linear program got some props, but is there a particular manual stretching routine that folks like best?

I’m great on girth but I would like more length to proportion things out. Currently I’m slowing working into hanging, but want to investigate a structured manual stretching approach as well to see which I respond best to.

Thanks in advance,


Doh! Disregard my previous post. Where the search function overwhelmed me, the FAQ provided the direct links I needed.


Thanks. I am about a month into my new plan, using a hybrid of Mem’s and your length routines. The law of personal differences is king, so I have to manage it at my fatigue threshold.

I feel like I am starting to see progress, but as an old guy, I expect it to be slow.



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