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Building on prior expansion

Building on prior expansion

My intended break from PE keeps getting delayed. Actually, I’m experimenting with cyclical training. Yeah, that sounds better.:) I’ve been PEing sporadically, with varied workouts and rest periods, doing light workouts 1 day on and 2-4 off. Now I’m bumping it up to 2 days on and going at it hard, though I’ll still take plenty of rest days. Enough background. On to the point, if there is one:

Last night I did about 25 min. of manual stretching, then alternated 10 min. sets of extreme Ulis and pumping. I did some bends between sets and during the X-Ulis. When pumping my dick was about 1/8” above the line drawn on my tube.

This morning I did the same routine, though I didn’t stretch as long because my head is tender from yesterday’s tug of war session. My dick was 1/4” above the line at the same vacuum as yesterday. So, the workouts had a cumulative effect.

This isn’t a fluke. I’ve measured longer after the 2nd workout (done 12 hours after the first) in the past when getting back into a squeeze routine. However, the extra size hasn’t lasted more than a few days, most likely because I got excited and kept exercising like a madman. This time I’ll try to keep my cool, take a few days off, then rinse and repeat.

Congratulations Hobby…I am very interested in your CYCLICAL TRAINING…Sounds cool…Is it a definite system of intensity and rest?

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Re: cycles

Progressive overload is what we’re after, but our dicks quickly adapt. A 1000 jelq a day routine provides plenty of stress in the beginning, but even after a few weeks it is significantly less stressful. So, we must then bump it up to 1200 jelqs a day, then 1500, ad infinitum. The same applies to hanging and girth exercises. Eventually we reach a point where it takes many hours of intense and extreme exercises to provide yet another increment of overload. The risk of injury rises.

It is difficult, probably impossible, to walk the line between hard training and overtraining without stepping over it at least occasionally. Overtraining kills gains.

One solution is to take a lengthy rest, PE full speed ahead until gains stall, then repeat. However, this doesn’t give us much time in the “sweet spot,” and requires long lay-offs from PE which are not fun.:( Instead of this black and white off/on approach, a cyclical progression may yield better results. I haven’t tried a full cycle yet, but I think it has potential.

There are many ways to translate this into a routine. The exercises themselves can vary along with the frequency and intensity. Here’s an example off the top of my head:

Intensity increases slightly each workout. Add time/reps, pull harder, add more weight, do more sets, etc.

Weeks 1 and 2: 4x per week
JAI manual stretching and jelqing
(start out easy - maybe 5-10 min. of each)

Weeks 3 and 4: 4x per week
Blasters, jelqing and add Ulis
(Again, go easy on the Ulis at first - maybe 5 Ulis the first day, and then add more each workout.)

Weeks 5 and 6:
Blasters twice a day, 5 days per week
Ulis, Horses and/or bending 4x per week

Weeks 7 and 8:
Blasters and hanging a.m. 5 days per week
Blasters or more hanging p.m. 5 days per week
Bending and extreme Ulis 3-4x per week

Rest. No PE. 2 weeks?


The above would have to be adjusted and tailored to each individual. More rest days may be needed in the latter stages as the intensity increases, perhaps combined with 2x per day girth work on workout days. Pumping can be added somewhere along the line.

I’d expect most gains to occur in the 2nd month. Of course, a cycle can be designed to span longer than 10 weeks.


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