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Bruiser exercise and variations

Bruiser exercise and variations

I remember someone mentioning not too long ago,about a variation of the bruiser 180,that is not as dangerous.

Could/would someone list the bruiser variations for me,please,as I would like to give it a test for my routine.

Thanks in advance.


Would someone please descibe the bruiser variations for me.

I know there is one called the Modified bruiser,and I beleive there is another called the bruiser 360.

Hey Romeo,

I remember that Benson9 on the old EZBoard Forum had an exercise called the Modified 180, but the thread for that got lost in a hacker attack I believe. I have not been able to find a copy of that or the regular Bruiser. I’ll check PE Forums again a little later, just to make sure I haven’t missed it. I don’t have a clue how it was done, either one of them. Sorry.

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The basic idea behind the Bruiser 180 was to pinch your penis at the base, turn it around so it pointed down and the underside of it was facing up and close your legs on it to hold it in place.

I think the Modified Bruiser 180 could be more accurately named the Bruiser 90, because if I remember correctly, you pinched your penis at the base, turned it to the side and hooked it under your leg.


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