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Instead of jacking the punctuated thread I decided to start a new thread. As I know that this has been posted before, but I wanted to reopen an idea that I’ve been kicking around for a time. Does the penis need rest?

What I’m thinking is along the lines of regrowing lost tissue or in terms of skin expansion there is always a time for the skin/tissues to rest and to regenerate. There’s much that could be written about collagen, elastin etc. but in consideration of how all other tissues in the body works what makes those that are in the penis so different?

Should we give the penis time to heal? Will it grow back stronger the next time and be harder to stretch? Will it be more pliable after a short time of rest? Is there anyway to know definitively which strategy to practice?

I’m really interested to hear the different view points on these questions. I’m not so sure what I think on this particular topic. I understand that the penis is not a muscle but to damage cells and continually breakdown the cells just does not seem to make sense to me. I can also see that after a stretching session it would be beneficial to wear Pe weights or use a traction device that would allow the tissues to heal in the elongated form. Is this really what happens?

In the punctuated thread the extended break idea to me represents a similar idea in athletic training where the athlete is going to decondition his body to prime for the next phases of training, and in some cases to peak right before a competition or meet. I found this to be an interesting idea, but what do others think of this idea?

SJY, thanks man. I figured someone would say that, but my intent is to start a new thread and possibly combine what’s going in the punctuated thread and deal with my idea that I presented in my initial post. I haven’t read about deconditioning in any of the threads so far, as I know how to use the search feature for the forum, although it doesn’t always cooperate.

Re: as requested


My thoughts have been not to give the penis time to heal and come back stronger. My rest days are because of skin trauma, they are not scheduled. I don’t think anyone is right or wrong, but you must make a stand one way or another and follow it.

I think penis really needs time to relax and to get healed (normally it’s a heal-all because we don’t do anything to get it healed, just give it a rest).

That might be a little tough to find out for how long your penis needs to relax, but as long enough for that you can restart PEing without injuring it.



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