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Breaks from P.E

Breaks from P.E

Well after doing these exercises for an hour every day for about a month i skipped it one day and never really contiued with it ( since it takes alot of time and stuff)
I just wondered if any of you guys have these slack-off days/weeks?

and also i’ve read that the size doesn’t go back on you so i guess it really wouldn’t exactly matter that much to take a break like this if you absolutly have to right?

and for the good news, i just got a major hard-on today and quickly pulled out my ruler and to my suprise noticed that my little nameless friend had a length of exactly 7.88 ” (20 cm) wich was my first primary goal! i just got soooo happy so i’ve now decided to contiue with P.E on a regular basis and never stop :)

Signatures Below... First one for Thunder's Place, the other one for me Primary Goal Length ----> 9.0 " (22.86 Cm) Circumference ----> 6.0 " (15.24 Cm) Current Measurements Length ----> 8.27" (21.0 Cm) Circumference ----> 4.81" (12.2 Cm).

Congratulations on your gains and for reaching your goal. There can be a loss of gains. Many guys find they have to do a little something, jelqing or stretching, once a week or so after they quit active PE exercises in order to maintain their gains.

And yes, it is boring and tiring and there are times when you just don’t want to do it. How much and how often is certainly up to you. Taking a little time off isn’t going to hurt things and with your new motivation continuing might not be difficult. Good luck!

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