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Breaking Length Plateaus!!

Breaking Length Plateaus!!

I have been stuck at 7.5” bone-pressed for AS LONG as I can remember. I went from hanging up to 12.5 lbs. to a simple jelqing routine, and I am still stick at 7.5” BP.

I cannot budge this damn length! I want 8.5” BP more than anything and for some reason I can’t get my dick to respond. Any ideas?

BTW, I jelq near 100%, for whatever reason when my hands are on my dick I can’t help but to get fully aroused. :(


I just posted in your progress thread about heat, and then saw this thread.

Just replied, thanks man. :)

Hey WBH. You have to experimetn man. That’s what I’m doing now. Strictly in experiment phase. Here, go to this page Base Ballooning , and experiment with what Andrew suggested for a week. Rest. And then measure your BPFSL and see how it responds. Make sure to get a before measuremtn too.

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Have you tried jelqing consistently at 30% to 50% erect rather than 100%? I wouldn’t give up on jelqing until I had done some intense, longer routines at that lower level. Hope this is helpful.


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