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Break is over, new starting measurements.

Break is over, new starting measurements.

Ok, I just finished about a 5 week decon break, to see if any discoloration has subsided. Well… . No. :(
However it doesn’t look as badly abused as it did when I started though.
I did my first exercise yesterday (very lightly), but forgot to measure. So I did it tonight.
Nbp: 6 1/4”
Bp: 6 3/4”
Eg (midshaft) 5 1/4”
Eg (base) 6”

I can’t complain, I kept my growth. Although my bp is down, but I think that is from diet/exercise causing less pushable area.
Because my nbp is higher.
Anyways I’m starting with the Babbis routine, to see how it goes.

Oh just remembered a question. I have a 6” girth (base). Is that where you actually count it at (at the thickest point that is) or is it midshaft no matter what. I still want another 1/2-3/4” girth anyways, but I just want to know for personal reasons. (To make me feel happy) :P
And am really shooting for that inch in length, hopefully seeing results by summer.

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