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Brain washing muscle tendon changing

Brain washing muscle tendon changing

I’ve got this book called “brain washing muscle tendon changing” by yang jwing-ming.

It’s primarily a qui-gong book based on these ancient chinese texts and secrets. (Sounds cliche right)

Anyway - within the book they do penis strengthening and lengthening exercises involving weights and linaments.

The problem is he gives you the recipe for the linaments in chinese characters.

Does anyone know what these leinaments are? Are they dangerous. Are they effective?

We use this stuff in my kung-fu classes when we’re doing arm conditioning. It smells really weird but it makes your arms tingle and makes your bruising go away alot quicker.

Yang Jwing-Ming, huh? Sounds like you practice Northern Shaolin Long Fist :D . Is there a Chinatown where you live? Most of the ones I’ve been to have highly qualified doctors of Chinese Medicine that can help you with this and it would definitely be worth the trip. Your instructor/sifu might even be able to recommend someone to you. Definitely ask to see their credentials first, because there as many quacks as there are good doctors. Good luck!

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