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BPFSL reflection of routine

BPFSL reflection of routine

A lot of people have mentioned that their BPFSL goes up after their routines. This is expectedly a good signal that they had an effective workout. In my case, I’ve just begun taking frequent measurements of my BPFSL. I’ve noticed that it is about 8.3 normally, after about 5 minutes of stretching it peaks just under 8.5. As I continue to stretch for my full routine of 15-17 minutes, I notice that my BPFSL recedes to under 8.25. I am concerned that I may be overdoing it and I might be better off only stretching for 5 minutes. This doesn’t seem right to me so I’m looking for suggestions.


Most routines provide a elastic deformation in 4 to 8 minutes as component fibers of the connective-like tissues align themselves in the direction of force. Some hangers I have talked to do not seem to experience this, but still gain, while some do, and also gain. In my own experiments, the deformation starts to recede after about 2.5 hours, and is at baseline in 4 hours. I have no idea why you are experiencing this, I have jelqed for over an hour and seen no more elongation than I developed in the first five minutes, but I saw no retraction either. It dosent sound to me as if you are doing an excessive amount, but I would guess that is subjective.

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