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BPEL: side press or top press


BPEL: side press or top press

Actually I’ve been wondering this for quite some time. With side press I can press it to the bone easily but on the top of my dick can’t. It would hurt too much. Also I think my fat pad is a little thinner on the top.

I measure BPEL 7.5” on the side and maybe a little less from the top. Don’t really know my top measure because can’t press the ruler hard enough as I said before.

Of course PE is just for me and my girl so it doesn’t really matter how I measure. I mean if I can keep track on the gains. Just wondering if anyone else got the same think?

Before PE: NBPEL 5.50" x EG 4.30"

Current: NBPEL 6.50" (BPEL 7.5") x EG 4.6" (head EG 5")

Goal: NBPEL 7.00" x EG 5.25"

I’d suggest you measure on the side since it’s easier to read the ruler - approximately 1/5” from the center.

Stats (bp) 2004/08/19 8.0 X 5.5" 2005/08/29 8.2 X 5.8" Goal - I am good for now

I suggest you track both. See if or how the two measurements change over time. Report back.

Originally Posted by hobby
I suggest you track both. See if or how the two measurements change over time. Report back.

I’ll second this. If you track both measurements you’ll have a much better record of how your penis changes over time with PE.

2010-01-09: BPEL: 19,7cm [7.75"] EG: 15,0 cm [5.9"]

2010-04-24: BPEL: 20,4cm [8.0"] EG: [???]

The only problem I’ve found, is that even if I measure from the side, it’s tough to duplicate exactly because I can get several different measurements. You obviously want consistency so you can get accurate feedback from your workouts. But yes, I think everybody gets greater measurements from the side because the tendon/lig structures on the top get in the way, which they do not on the side.

A way I’ve found to ensure (or is it “insure”?) accuracy is to line up the inner edge of the ruler (with the hash marks, of course) with the centerline of my penis - straight up through the center of my piss hole. By keeping the ruler even, I cannot but get a consistent measurement, because the ruler is always in the exact same position.

Of course, erection levels can vary - all the way up to extreme edging, but my measuring technique is always dead-on (which is why I feel confident in measuring by mm, then converting it to inches - hence, 196mm x 155mm, at my last measurement).

BPEL is strictly to be measured at the top of your dick! I mean, I am not really seriously into this anymore. But it makes me sad how people try to get better measurements by changing standards. The pelvic bone is no valid limit at the side of the dick. I already see “proof pics” in front of my eyes, where guys shove rulers almost into the caves, where the nuts once travelled down from (you will know what I mean). This is not the right way. Place the fucking ruler on top of your dick and press against the pubic bone. I don’t care if you press ‘til it bleeds, but don’t alter the method. Sorry to be a bit direct about it, but that’s my opinion.

...not buried yet, another 5" ahead!

KPR 0.072 @ Dec. 4, 2003

The top is usually the shortest, so most measure from there. Anything else is just number play.

Wad, you were right first time. It’s ensure as in to be certain. The other one is what you do to your car or house.

Measuring from the side adds an extra inch to my BPEL (becuase the ruler can press more into the dips in my pelvis), so I know that’s quite obviously fake. My fat pad is also softer and more “cushion-like” at the sides of my penis than it is at the top of my penis. I’ve always measured at the top, for this reason. It’s a more accurate measurement for me.

L born is right.

Anything else is a cheat.

I measure exactly as Wadzilla. Lately I have not been pressing as hard since I measure a solid 7” without too much pressure against the bone. I could eek out another .125” if I really dig in tho and only if I have some excellent porn on screen. LOL.

I say solid 7” because I can repeat the measurement all the time now. In fact, I think I’m slightly past 7 now and reaching for more!

Wifey whispered in my ear how horny she is today. I can count the number of times she’s said that over the past 10 years and it’s only been since I became around 7”.

Peace PE brothers and sisters!

Start April, 2003: 5.75" BPEL, 5.25" Girth Current: 7.125" BPEL, 5.5"+ Girth still trying...

I have an upwards curve and loose 1.5”+ if I measure from the top. I think measuring from the side is better as long as you don’t bone press too hard.

Current Stats: BPEL:7.0"/ EG(head)5.5"/ EG(mid)6.0/ EG(base)6.3" Target Stats: BPEL:8.0"/ EG(head)6.5"/ EG(mid)6.5/ EG(base)6.5" Started 17th November 2004

Measuring from the top is maybe the right way to measure BPEL. But the thing is that I don’t measure from the side because of the bigger readings (who would I cheat - just me). I’m doing it because from side I can keep on track of the progress. From the top I get different readings every time depending how much I wanna punish myself :D . I think I’m gonna do what hobby suggested: I’ll start to measure both from now on (the difference is maybe 0.1”).

Before PE: NBPEL 5.50" x EG 4.30"

Current: NBPEL 6.50" (BPEL 7.5") x EG 4.6" (head EG 5")

Goal: NBPEL 7.00" x EG 5.25"

I guess for tracking changes it’s whatever is most consistant for you. Since even BPEL from the top is no real indication of usable length anyway, the actual readings are fairly academic, but changes in the number are what we’re looking for.

I also agree that measuring from the top is the most accurate for knowing where your at, how much your gaining, and what she’s feeling.

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Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

The standard is to measure from the top. You press as hard as you can. To avoid the pinching feel, I have wrapped the end of the ruler in one thickness of electrician’s tape. That allows me to really press hard and provides a repeatable measurement

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