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BPEL exceeding FBPL


BPEL exceeding FBPL

Does anyone else in in here have a bigger bone pressed erect length, than there flaccid bone pressed length?

Yes. Are you sure you’re asking the right question? Isn’t an erection supposed to be bigger than flaccid?

It's better to think you're doing something than to sit back and wonder what might have been Start: 12/2003 EBPL: 7 15/16 EG: 5 1/4 Now: 12/2004 EBPL: 8 1/2 EG: 5 5/8 (pumped is 5 7/8 mid, 6.25 base) FL: 6.25

Originally Posted by Starter7777
Does anyone else in in here have a bigger bone pressed erect length, than there flaccid bone pressed length?

Most guys have a STRETCHED FLACCID bone-pressed length which is longer than their bone-pressed ERECT length, but there are exceptions to every rule.


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I saw a survey that says the two were aprox the same, it even said sfbpl was a more accurate maximum

If you are talking stretched flaccid bone pressed, I would say it is impossible for BPEL to be longer.

You are either not pulling hard enough or not pushing in enough, or both.

One foot to go

I’ve got a 1.25 inch difference between BPEL and BPFSL (longer)

Well I’m the guy thats proves nothing is impossible, just improbable.

My BPFSL is a minimum of 1/2 inch shorter than my BPEL.

I simply cannot stretch any harder or further!

Here’s a quick question that may help me to explain why this is…When you guy stretch right out, what do you feel is the limiting factor?

lol, actually that makes no sense Andrew because your flaccid skin is just stretched when you measure BPEL. So where is that extra 1/2 inch coming from, the skin is there either way, its just the unit which gets bigger.

I wish I knew!
I have only read of one or two other guys who’s BPEL is longer than their BPFSL (I think one my have been Melvin UK, but I’m not sure)
When I try and stretch flaccid, I can feel the septum (I think) really getting pulled tight. The skin is not a factor. Maybe some one with a far better understanding of anatomy and the mechanics of an erection can comment whether as the penis swells with the inflow of blood, some part of the inner shaft is extended outward or something. Thats the only thing I can think of that what cause my BPEL to be longer than my BPFSL.

Actually I have very poor penis elasticity period! I tug and it reaches a point whether internal structures limit further extension quickly and thats it!

I can’t even begin to explain it is the way it is…it just is.

I find that the BPFSL can always exceed any other measurement provided:

1) Get a grommet maker.
2) Pound a grommet through the head of your unit (soon to be eunuch) (or a volunteer- hey! Xtreeme PE meets Jackass!)
3) Run 3/8 or better wire rope through the grommet.
4) Borrow your buddies truck with the winch up front.
5) Attach the winch hook to the wire rope.
6) Engage the winch slowly.
7) Optional: chain yourself to a stout oak tree before #6.

This will work.

Oh it was stretched!!!

Yes, my BPFSL is longer than my erect by maybe an 1/8”. Maybe. Bein’ 45 it’s been a while since I’ve experienced the painfully erect nail pounders- all jaded doncha know. <g>

It's better to think you're doing something than to sit back and wonder what might have been Start: 12/2003 EBPL: 7 15/16 EG: 5 1/4 Now: 12/2004 EBPL: 8 1/2 EG: 5 5/8 (pumped is 5 7/8 mid, 6.25 base) FL: 6.25

I am one of those exceptions. I swear there is a 1+ inch difference. Could be wrong but in either case BPEL is going to have be the most relevant measurement. If you have a flaccid stretch of 8” but can only get an erection to 6” then by all means those last two inches are irrelevant to your sex life.

I know - I know. Flaccid may be more reliable for growth charts, but erect length in those cases usually catches up quite soon after the flaccid growth occurred. In conclusion BPEL makes more sense. Just all my opinion.


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Sorry I was hypocritical here, just realised Iam one of these. My BPFSL is 1” less BPEL. I can easily explain it for myself though, Iam uncut and since I PE, the foreskin stretched so much, it becomes part of the tunica covering, at BPEL there is no topskin for the final 2” or so though theres ‘slack’ to almost cover all but the last 1”

A couple possibilities for the few with BPEL longer than BPFSL:

Incorrect measuring. One guy initially reported a shorter BPFSL, which turned out to be longer after he changed his measuring technique. Copied from elsewhere, here’s how I (and I think most) do it:

While completely flaccid, use the left hand to grasp with an underhand ok grip right behind the glans. Stretch straight out with a good, hard pull. Holding the ruler in the right hand, place the left side of the ruler along the centerline of the penis and press it into the public bone very hard. Record the measurement to the very tip of the (somewhat squashed out) glans.

Another idea for shorter BPFSL is some guys may get considerably more head elongation than typical when erect. This could more than offset the difference. Just a guess. I don’t think anyone has compared head sizes of those who have backwards measurements.

My BPFSL is also shorter than my BPEL if I stretch manually, regardless of how much heat I apply and how long I do it for. However, after a good hanging session it is fractionally longer and noticably more pliable.

So maybe some of us (ie Andrew, Melvin and any others) may just have particularly unflexible penises which take a long time to warm up to the point where they are fully flexible.

I’d be interested to see if Andrew and Melvin experience the same thing, but I can assure you that if I haven’t hung then my BPFSL is 1/2 - 1” shorter than my BPEL.

But then at the same time, my head is probably 1/2 an inch longer when erect, so maybe Hobby has hit the nail on the head (metaphically speaking!).



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