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>>Luv, do you think that self measured reports are accurate tho? If someone came to me and said “how big are you?>>

I think that results are consistent with the others. Yes there could be exageration, but I don’t think much and here is why:
What would be the payoff for a guy to ANONYMOUSLY post his size and exaggerate it? Since it is anonymous he wouldn’t really benefit from this action, and he is likely to realize that doing so would falsely elevate the avg result making his true size seem smaller in comparison to the result of the survey.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

GOOD POINT! hahaha well taken

Giver Hard! Scotty! later days ------ (Start) BPEL 7.75" x 5.25-5.5 EG (Goal) BPEL 9.00" x 6.0-6.25 EG


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