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Bodybuilding and PE

Bodybuilding and PE

I was wondering how other physical stress such as bodybuilding or intense cardio would affect our PE efforts. I have two theories:

1. The body can only do so much at once. The body can’t repair and build penis tissue as effectively while working on repairing and building heart/lung/muscle tissue.


2. The positive heath benefits of being in shape as a result of physical exercise makes the body more efficient at repairing and building new penis tissue.

I believe that it is possible for both or neither to be true as well.

It’d be interesting to see if there is a correlation between physical exercise and PE so I propose this question:

What type of physical exercise do you do, if any?
For how long and how often do you exercise?
How long have you been PEing and how much have you gained?

I do weightlifting 3 to 4 days per week, 45-60 minutes per session.
I’ve been PEing seriously for about 2 1/2 months.
I havn’t measured lately, but my flaccid hang is better (most notably thicker) and erections are harder than ever .

I’m also very interested in any thoughts on this subject.



There is no replacement for displacement

Very interesting question. In fact, I am a weightlifter myself and have just started PEing after discovering this site, and I was wondering much the same thing. I can see validity to both of your theories. I have always thought that the body can only do so much at once, and that the total volume of an exercise routine can only be so great if you expect to see gains.

OTOH, is penis exercise quite the same as exercise for muscles groups like quads or pecs? Some people believe that certain muscle groups, like calves and forearms, can handle more frequent training and recover faster. Could the same hold true for the penis?

Anyone with an informed opinion here?


I have made almost a year cardio training (now i am combining both cardio+weightlifting) and what i think is a good cardio always improve your PE erfforts.

With cardio training you improve the oxygen supply to the cells, and that means better and faster cell repair.

Plus your metabolism rise up, that means anything you do, you do it faster and better.

Another thing could be if you are serious into bodybuilding and you take steroids or something similar, in that case i think it is probably counterproductive.
It is i think better to take just some protein or creatine….

Anyway, i’m not an expert in this point…

Cya, Matti

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