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Blood vs. Flesh Penis, does it have an impact on gains

Blood vs. Flesh Penis, does it have an impact on gains

Hi guys, do you think having a flesh or a blood penis has some effects on the possibility to gain?

Are there some pe exercises which are better for a blood or a flesh penis?

I don’t understand the question— I’m not familiar with the terms…

What’s a “blood penis” and what’s a “flesh penis”?

Do you mean ‘erect’ and ‘flacid’?

Can you explain or give a link to a site with details?

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Flesh penises are flaccid penises which grow little when they become erect. Blood penises are flaccid penises which grow a lot when becoming erect.

I don’t think it matters but flesh penises are easier to grab.

In english then a ‘flesh’ penis is a ‘shower’ and a ‘blood’ penis is a ‘grower’.

Before PE I was a grower- PE has made me a shower.

As a relatively new shower, I find have more flesh to grab and work with for PE, which makes PE a bit easier.

SimonClass- There aren’t particular exercises for particular sizes to the best of my knowledge.
Just Jelq and Stretch, Jelq and Stretch, Jelq and Stretch.

I suggest you Jelq first to plump up your penis and give yourself more to work with. So do the Newbie routine, but switch the Jelqs with the Stretching.

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