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Blood from tip of penis!

Blood from tip of penis!

I was doing somewhat intense jelq squeezes a couple weeks ago and noticed some blood come out of the tip of my penis! I got real scared and stopped all exercises for about 2 weeks before trying some light jelqing today. After about 4 jelqs the blood came back! Can someone please help figure out what is going on and what I should do?

Don’t over do the PE. Treat that thing like a lady.
You need more time to heal, refrain from any PE activity until the blood vessel heals and closes up.

Your jelqing grip should be no more intense than the grip you use to jack off. Perhaps just a tad bit tighter. It does not take that much pressure to move the blood up the shaft.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Don’t get too scared. Just take it easy. Maybe leave off PE for a few days/weeks depending on how quickly you can heal.

Take a longer break and then you can try again, lightly. If the problem persists after that, see a urologist.

Do you see the blood any time other than jelqing? Does it hurt? Heap that information on.

Sorry had to drop a line in this one.. Need to stop for a little while.. Ten days is usually all it takes to heal torn tissue, including blood vessels. Make sure you stop, otherwise you could end up repeatedly damaging the urethra and cause a stricture - narrowing! No blood in your urine though?

Growing no-where ,slowly! Still.

No blood any other time. I just don’t understand because I’ve been PEing for years now and have had this happen before but usually its a one time thing and I lay off for a week and I’m good. I think what also may be causing it is I’m squeezing a lot with my PC muscle before jelqs…

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