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Blood from penis tip.....

Blood from penis tip.....

I know I know, read all the previous threads about this yada yada yada! I did already and whats happening to me is kinda weird. When I do hard squeezes at least lately, I’ve been having a drop of blood if that come out. I know the advice is to take off some time but I was wondering, if the blood is real little and it doesn’t effect erections or anything then why really stop. I figure eventually your body will strengthen so that it will stop. And lately it’s been stopping bleeding as much. It doesn’t hurt so what? It’s like to me saying to lay off shaving if you get a small cut. It’s not like it’s gushing or anything….please tell if you have advice.

Hey vege!

Yes, it probably will strengthen …….. if you give it a chance to thoroughly heal! If you keep on aggravating it and not allowing it to heal properly chances are that it could develop into something far more serious. Think about your analogy ……. cut the same place on your face everytime you shave and what happens? At the very best you’ll be scarred, perhaps damage the nerves and in some cases it can even turn cancerous. Your penis is a lot more sensitive than your face so show it some consideration!

If you’re squeezing hard enough to draw blood then it’s way too hard - back off! My advice is to let it heal completely and thoroughly for at least 2-3 weeks before resuming any PE. And when you do finally resume, take it slowly and carefully without using nearly as much force. Use your head and listen to your body because at the moment it’s screaming at you that you’re going way too hard! PE takes time and no matter what you do it won’t happen overnight, but going at it too hard will set you back with injuries. Save yourself the grief!

Now please, rest up, take it easy and keep us posted - you’ll get there :leftie:

lil1 :littleguy

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Early off when I started 4 1/2 months ago I too had a drop or two come from the tip. It scared me a little but did not effect my erections. I continued to train but with a much liter routine and it has never happened again. I’m not promoting training through injuries, but it would be best for you to stop and listen to your body and you will know if you have to stop or not.

If you are in doubt… Stop! Our bodies are marvelous and will heal fast. But if the injury is bad you can only make it worst by continuing.



you probably busted a supeficial capillary in your urethra. Lay off about 1 week and resume but take it lighter. The same thing happend to me with jelquing. If I would have left the damn thing alone for a week, I wouldn’t have spent so much time with an essentially maintenance type work out.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

This has happened to me a few times, but it stopped in a few seconds and I could do a light routine that night if it happened in the morning.

I think I know what causes it now. To avoid it don’t increase the pressure really quickly when squeezing or doing ulis. For instance don’t slide your hand up the shaft quickly in a uli. I think the pressure increases at the end first and then spreads out, lowering the pressure at that point. If you squeeze too fast it increases at that point too much before it can spread out and bursts that capilary.
Give it some time to heal and then increase pressure fairly slowly when you do expansion based exercises.


When you do start back up at full speed your dick should be stronger than before the blood drops occured. For me it was always an issue of to much blood in the head area when hanging then after the first incident doing fully erect squeezes caused a second case.

Took a week off and never had a problem since and it’s been over six months.

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