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Blood criculation

Blood criculation

Ok so I have a hypothesis.

Allowing good fresh blood circculation between PE sessions will allow you to make faster gains because your dick will repair itself faster, allowing you to push it harder during each workout.

Personally I have to focus on blood flow throughout the day. Its like I relax my PC, and I can really feel blood flow up from my thighs and around my anus, underneath my penis in a sort of vibrating motion. I can feel my whole groin area pulsate. Then I hang low and full.

Now if I don’t do this, then my penis ends up poking out and feeling hard inside. This is somehwhat painful. My penis since the start of pc has never ever gone back to its small gray complete flaccid state. I believe that the smooth muscles in my penis are trying to contract, but because of the increased blood pressure and flow to my penis they can’t and blood clots can result.

So for those of you that want a bigger flaccid hang, learn how to control the blood flow to your gential area. It involves somehat of a breathing technique—-kinda of pushing downward with your diagphram when exaling, you will feel an increased circulation.

I believe this is why penis enlargement pills work for some when used in conjunction with PE. A good NO inhibitor is L-arginine, which helps me. By allowing blood circulation it flushes the penis with hormones that will help reapair and rebuild cells.

the best things in life are free

so is PE

Arginine is not an NO inhibitor. It is an NO precursor. You want NO for errections.

You’re confusing it with Viagra which is an an inhibitor of phosphodiesterase which is an enzyme that breaks down NO.

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