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Black show, white grow?

Originally Posted by jumboT
I haven’t noticed any difference in locker rooms as well. I was in the Marine Corps not too long ago and I’ve seen a lotta penises. Probably like 500, perhaps more. I’m not exaggerating. Not that I’m gay or anything. We take showers together in boot camp or while we’re training somewhere for a long period. Most of the penis I’ve seen were average or small. At least to me. It didn’t matter what race it was attached to. However, I’ve seen a few really long and thick ones that stand out in my mind. And for some reason, they happened to be attached to black guys. And they were all uncircumcised.

This reminds me of an Eddie Murphy routine I heard years ago. I don’t remember his exact words, but the jest of them were, that all black men don’t have big dicks. He made a comic routine out of it. He was talking about pulling his dick out to fuck some woman and she wanted to know where the big dick was. It was pretty damn funny.

I’m a black man who’s primarily a shower. I’ve always read that this tends to be more true of black men than others, which probably explains the widespread belief that black men are significantly larger. That said, my locker room observations tell me that there are all kinds of exceptions to the “rule”…for what it’s worth.


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