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Bioptron - check this out

Bioptron - check this out

Finally, I have an opportunity to contribute something to this forum and not just ask a bunch of questions! The story began some days ago when I read how some members claimed to get better results when using IR lamps while doing exercises. Anyway, I tried to buy such a lamp in my country (Bosnia), but it’s extremely difficult to find it.
When I was asked (in different stores and company offices) why do I need an IR lamp, I said that it’s for muscle repair after injury, just as some members on the forum told me to say. Anyway, another product was recommended to me by almost all these guys, something which is supposed to be much better for healing then an IR lamp, and this thing is becoming a big hit. It’s called “BIOPTRON”, is being produced in Switzerland, and you can find a whole bunch of professional websites about it, just by searching for “bioptron”. My goal here is not to advertise a product which I haven’t tried yet, and I don’t have any financial benefit out of this! But if this thing works the way they promise it to work, it could possibly become the biggest discovery in penis enlargement in years. At least so it seems to me, but I’m just a newbie. Of course, this product was not built for PE, but for treatment of injuries, etc. but, hey, neither was Viagra developed for what it’s being used now!
This thing is supposed to do the following (Now some copy & paste)
Bioptron Light Therapy:
Reduces: pain, inflammation, swelling, scar formation, allergic reactions.
Accelerates: healing and regeneration
Improves: blood flow and oxygen supply
Regulates: immune function
Penetrates: 2.5cm under the skin
The Bioptron has been used in European hospitals and healthcare institutions for over 20 years. It has been used for:

Medical Treatments: pain relief, wound healing, skin problems, burns, sports injuries
Cosmetic Treatments: acne, wrinkles, scars, cellulite, rough skin
An interesting coincidence was that my mother decided yesterday to buy this thing for health benefits. She knows personally some people who already swear by this product, and I met some other thrilled users while I was searching for the IR lamp.
Some links I recommend for more info:

What possible effects could this have if applied on a penis while well hung right after a good PE workout?
Some of you may be wondering how come this product is becoming popular in a small poor country like Bosnia and you in the USA possibly never heard of it before. It’s simple. Have you ever heard of “Zepter”, a big international company from Europe? Well, it was created buy a guy who was born in my country, and they are one of the producers of this device.

Makes me wonder if this woudl serve the same function as the infared heating unit that was used on my sprained ankle. They applied a gel to my ankle and applid the infared heater into it at the area of injury and warmed it up for about 5 minutes before working me over.

I will read up more on this later, but at first glance it appears to be a pretty healthy investment compared to the heating pad I use now. Interseting though, for sure.

- Poke


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