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Biking and PE

Biking and PE

I was considering to do some biking on regular basis and was wondering if it has bad effect on PE results. Any ideas?

I doubt if it would affect PE results; but there was a study recently that found it can affect your sperm count.

It might reduce your pubic fat pad and make your dick look longer. :thumbs:

I am all for that West.

HD, if this decreases the sperm count, I might actually get a special seat, the one that doesn’t press against my balls. They should sell those.


I have read some studies also that say biking long time depending on the saddle shape it can numb some penile nerves. Then, to avoid that, chose a large saddle and each 10 minutes stand up for 1 or 2 minutes.


As a long time biker I can tell you that you do need to be careful, especially if you ride long distances (40 miles+), but there are a bunch of seats on the market now that are split down the center to be more accommodating to the equipment. One I rode for years is made by Specialized (see, you can also look at and

I agree with dansan about rising from the saddle often to allow circulation.

However, if you want to avoid the issue entirely, get a recumbent bike as I have. You sit on a comfy seat looking straight ahead instead of at the road. I’ll never go back to an upright bike. (see

But however you ride, it’s certainly worth it. I’ve ridden somewhere in the neighborhood of 20,000 miles since I started.

Just do it!

I ride my bike about 75 miles per week and had great success with PE and haven’t had any issues whatsoever.

started 10/22/2003: BPEL: 5.5" EG: 4.0" 4/12/2004 BPEL: 6.875" EG: 5.2" 30-min exercise workout and pills

I can mountain bike all day without issue since it’s a stand up job, but if I’m on the road (and therefore sitting down more of the time) then I start to get numbness. I’m considering getting a different saddle with a slotted hole in the middle, …but I really like my current saddle.


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