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Bigger Condoms


Originally Posted by regularwhiteguy
I’ve actually got by with using regular Trogans and other condoms. I’ve never had one break on me but have had them cut into my skin at the opening of the condom..


Mr. RWG - I am surprised that you don’t just use some (who the hell are we kidding- the whole roll of) saran wrap and a scrunchie with your size. If I may ask sir, what is your preferred sperm stopper of choice?

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I just bought a box of MagnumXL’s a week ago from the local K-Mart. The cashier, a young female, was very quick to scan the condoms and not make eye contact. The odd coincidence was that the cashier next to mine was a current male student of mine in a college course I’m teaching this summer. It was quite strange to suddenly hear my name being called and realizing that one of my students was probably checking out my purchases while we made casual talk. I just hope I don’t become the topic of class banter in the days to come.After all, I have my professional academic reputation to maintain. LOL.


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If normal condoms don’t fit, create your own!

(I think this has been linked to from another thread, but I can’t remember who it was or which thread, but thanks to them for it as I’ll need it once I get a bit bigger too! :bigwink: )

They Fit: Sized-to-Fit Condoms

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I’m so extemely glad my girlfriend is on the pill.. I was alone and bored, and put on a free condom which I got many of during the “end of school celebrations”, excessive handing outs because of the wild celebration.

Damn that things was tight!! It was litteraly squeezing the blood out of me. My head shrunk and below the condom I had more girth, than under. My penis looked like a pencil dick and like some plump thing below. But it did expand a little after some time, but the whole experience was terrible!

I better get a measuring tape, because I’m sure my girth isn’t that enormous. It might be 6 inches.

What sucks is that you cant buy a 3-pack of magnums anywhere. If i could i would try them. Does anyone know any stores that sell a 3-pack of magnums?

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You can try a Magnum at any size to see if it fits the shape of your penis better, but beware of slippage or the “trash bag” fit at the closed end. Generally, I would say that about 5.25” girth would be a good place to make the change. I recently passed 5.5” in girth and I’m contemplating moving up to the Magnum XL. According to Condomania, there’s really not that much difference between the Magnum and the Magnum XL.

Do they make ultra-thin Magnums? Not that I know of. Do I have any hang-ups about buying larger condoms? No, because I usually buy them late at night at somewhere like Walmart and I would wager that the overnight people there couldn’t care less about what I buy.


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Magnum fits 5.3 girth just fine

After reading this thread, I decided to try a Magnum, just out of curiosity. I haven’t worn a condom for years, but I recall them being tight even back then. With my girth gains so far, I figured I’d give Magnums a try, just for fun. Bought a box at Target and we (Mrs RBM was with me) got a nice little sheepish smile from the barely-18 checkout girl. Got them home and they fit great. If I was relying on a condom for protection, I think I’d feel more at ease with one that fit right instead of one that was stretched to closer to the bursting point. Not too big, not too small.

As it was, I realized how much I did NOT miss wearing a condom. Sensation? What’s that? :(

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Well this may be a surprise to all of you.

As I said, I am 5.5 base, 5.0 or 5.1 midshaft.

I bought the magnums, and they fit fine. Didn’t slip off. Not saying it never will, but in this one-time 30-minute session it was great.

I still felt like my dick shrunk when I put it on, to like 90-95% erection, but not as bad as regular Ultra Thins.

If any of you feel in any way squooshed up in a condom - cuts way down on sensation - a somewhat larger one will allow you much more pleasure. Experiment around with them. Find the one that fits you best now.

A little bit of slippage inside is a good thing. You move within the rubber. This is fine so long as the bottom ring is secure and does not slide, too.



12-packs of Magnums are only about $5 at Walmart, so don’t let the lack of a 3-pack deter you.

I agree completely with avocet8, that the larger condoms help sensation compared to a tight one. Anyone that is over 5” girth near the base should at least try one.

I’m using magnums at 5.6 girth because the other condoms were too unconfortable.. I just want to reach my 6” goal to wear thoses XLs (even though I probably could actually but I never tryied… heh)


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Originally Posted by Taz
According to Condomania, there’s really not that much difference between the Magnum and the Magnum XL.

XL’s are 5 mm wider.



I did a condom size study using a regular sized one, Magnum, and XL. Lengths were all close, and circumference on them were 4.75”, 5.25” for the Magnum, and 5.5” on the XL. I measured the girth by inflating them without expanding the latex.

It’s posted here somewhere.

I just bought some Durex XXL condoms at Wallgreens. I did a comparison test with a Magnum XL when I got home.
First of all I must say the Durex XXL rolled on a lot easier.
The Magnum XL seemed to “buntch up” a lot more.
The Durex XXL didn’t have as strong of a latex smell as the Magnum XL.
The Durex XXL’s lubricant seemed superior to the Magnum XL’s
The Durex XXL was almost an inch longer than the Magnum XL (empty).
The material of the Durex XXL seemed thinner and clearer.
I had a larger erection with the Durex XXL.

In conclusion, the only advantage the Magnum XL had over the Durex XXL was the closed end was slightly (almost unmeasureable) larger in girth.

Even though the Magnum XL was larger rolled up, the Durex XXL allowed me to get a larger erection. This is probably due to the fact that the Durex XXL’s material is thinner.

This has convinced me to change brands. Plus the fact that I can only find the Magnum XLs at WalMart where the lines are long and the wait is even longer.

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