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Bigger Balls.

Bigger Balls.

Hmmm… PE concentrates on making the penis bigger, is there any way to make your balls bigger, or give the impression they are bigger? Manually that is.


Enlargement of the testicles themselves is nigh impossible without surgical implants or long term pumping (both of which I wouldn’t really recommend unless you’re DESPERATE for bigger balls)

There is one thing you can do - manually, that will increase their size in appearance only though, you will not get any additional flesh. And that is manual stretching.
try stretching just the sac skin by itself lightly, pulling it out as far as is comfortable each time, just take it easy.. after you get the hang on skin stretching, add in ball stretching too, but be ESPECIALLY CAREFUL when you do that! the cords are fragile little things you know, and you can fuck yourself up bad by pulling too hard too soon. It’ll take a few weeks, but your balls will hang and flop around instead of being tight and ‘small’ looking.. they will LOOK bigger but will not actually BE bigger (the testicles I’m talking about, they will jiggle around in your enlarged bag)

If you want to increase the size of the actual balls inside the sac probably the easiest method is pumping. also this should be taken really slow and easy especially at first. I have seen pics of guys who have pumped up their balls over a few hours and gotten tennis ball size things or bigger but the effects only last a day at max, and then it’s back to pumping again. Of course they say if you do it every day eventually they stay big, but thats also what they say for penis pmping and there isn’t much evidence for it being true.
I myself have personally not gone more than about 30 minuites to get to about golf ball size, it is quite fun, there is no pain or weird effects if you do it right either, but the effects do wear off after a couple of hours although the sac will hang nice and heavy for a day or so after.
Beware that the long term effects of pumping balls (as well as the penis) are not known. For all you know you could be slowly making yourself sterile. Of course this alarmist stuff could all be bullcrack, but you can never be too careful with your little soldiers…

I’ve also heard of massages etc to enlarge the balls but I doubt whether this would be very effective.

I think that was worth more than 2 cents :)

more than $0.02 worth?

It certainly was secjay - thanks.


Hi there!

I agree with what secjay said, except this part:

>I’ve also heard of massages etc to enlarge the balls but I doubt
>whether this would be very effective

Let me tell you why. I was one of those guys that when erect, his balls would hide inside the body, as if they were afraid of something :) Of course it’s not that good when you have a big dick to show to your girl(s) and they ask where are the nuts? :) (this didn’t happen to me by the way, but I guess it could at those days :) ). After reading much on the boards and searching, I found a book by Mantak Chia (the Multi Orgasmic Man or something like this) that had some exercises to enlarge the nut sac. Of course I tried them and they worked. Some of the exercises are simple stretching exercises like secjay explained, other exercises were massage ones, and this one were what cause the “enlargement”. I don’t know I much my nuts grown but you can notice it visually. If you’re interested in it I sugest you read the book. Just remember, when you jelq, your “massaging” the tissues of the penis. With the massage exercise that’s in the book (it’s basically just a 1-2 minutes light massage in each nut with your fingers) you’re massaging the tissues also. Oh, and this can also cause more cum volume (although I didn’t test this myself, I did other things at the time that maybe affected this also - now I cum about the double in volume that I did pre-PE).

Bottom line, try it and see for yourself, although I’ll tell you right now that it won’t happen overnight.



The Penile fitness program has a section on stretching your scrotum to let your balls hang lower and give better visual appearence. There was also an excercise called the testicular massage, which was basically lightly massaging each nut. The purpose I believe was to “firm-up” your testicles which makes them more healthy and supposedly increase cum volume. Sonds exactly like what UIShrike was describing from that book “multi-orgasmic man”.

yep, it’s exactly the same tuffram… I forgot completely about Reece’s program (I was a member in the beginning)…

It’s really basic, you just have to be carefull… it’s just some light massages (squeezes) in each nut with your fingers, for about a minute or two… then repeat on the next nut… keep this up for a month and then see if at least your cum volume won’t increase… the size of the testicles takes more time to increase though… bottom line, practice, practice, practice :)



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