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Big starters

Big starters

IMO, if you’re 8 inches, or even 7.5, you should just thank god for your luck and slowly step away from this site. You have everything to lose and little to gain! Why risk it. PE is not 100% safe. If you have beautiful, naturally large dick, why risk discoloration, loose skin, creeping pubic hair line, and even erectile problems for just a little more. I’d doubt that there’d be anyone disappointed by an 8 inch dick, unless you can’t get it up from beating it up every night for just an inch more. That’s where greed gets you, people.

Ok, not everyone is happy with 8 inches. I sure as hell would be, but it doesn’t mean that everybody has to be. I know women with size C chests that aren’t happy. Hell they are more than enough for me, but some guys like D’s and some guys like DD’s. Just like some women like 8.5” and some like 9” and some like 13”. There is nothing wrong with aspiring for more. As long as PE is done correctly, a lot of these problems can be avoided.

Starting: 5.75" EBPL x 5" EG 10/10/03 Current: 6" EBPL x 5" EG 11/6/03 Goal: 8" EBPL x 6" EG

what do you mean by creeping pubic hair line? and the loose skin? does it happen to all ages or the older you are the looser you become.?


For many, as the penis gets longer through PE the skin required to cover it comes from the base area of the penis. Since this area is usually covered with pubic hair as it moves out the shaft, the hair naturally comes along with it.

The loose skin can be two things; for me the most noticeable is that there is much more skin on the penis. It seems to grow/stretch out faster than the underlying structures, therefore when the penis is flaccid there is more skin there.

Also I notice when doing stretches, as I pull my dick, skin from the immediate area of the lower abdominals and groin area (pubic area) stretches also, this may (or may not) leave it slightly looser over time.

Mine seems to be, although I’ve gained about 8 pounds over the last 6 months so maybe it’s just from extra fat in the area.

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