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Big starters just as likely to gain?


I don’t believe in a limit. After I’m done with tunica work I’m going back to ligs and when I’m done with ligs I’m going back to tunica work and God willing I’m gonna do this for the rest of my life.

Originally Posted by attyatlong
Yeah guys I was a little leery about the clamp. You know I thought that since I’d had years of jelqing the “conditioning ” was in place. I defer to the vets though. The idea just seems so appealing since it was new to me. I thought there was probably no way the jelqing could add any more girth though since I’d done it for years. Do you think the years of jelqing provides me the conditioning to clamp? My Newbie-hood is due to restarting and using the stretches I learned here. Please advise/comment.
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Well, a lot of topics here lately have revolved around “deconditioning breaks.” There are several, so search them out. Suffice it to say, for the same reasons “time-off” has deconditioned your penis, it also means, if group experience holds true, that your penis should respond well to the newbie routine!

The experience of many has been that over time, the constant application of one routine will produce diminishing results as the unit adapts to that same said routine. Some people “shock” their unit with more extreme routines - applied to a conditioned penis, of course - whilst others take a break from PE to allow the penis to “recover” in some form, and then apply the same mofified newbie routine they were using before. These are called deconditioning breaks.

From what I understand, a small amount of the gains are temporarily lost during this break, but quickly comes back. That sounds similar to your experience; the loss of a small amount of your gains. It sounds to me like you have everything to gain by doing the newbie routine for a few months.

As for me, I’ll try a break after I’ve gained an inch. Right now I would have a bad day if I lost 1/32 of an inch!<grin>

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Well we will see as I will try to carry on and see the results aftera few months.


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